Biography of Christina Aguilera

Biography of Christina Aguilera

The American singer, songwriter Christina Aguilera is widely known for her single “Genie it a Bottle” and the controversial album “Stripped”.

Early years

Christina Maria Aguilera was born on December 18, 1980 in Staten Island, New York, to the family of Fausto Xavier Aguilera and Shelley Lorain Fiedler. The beginning of the girl’s life was not easy. Her father, an emigrant from Ecuador who served as a sergeant in the United States Army, was a tyrant in the family. Only when the girl is already six years old, her mother finally managed to break the marriage and move with her two daughters to Rochester, in Pennsylvania, where the family begins a new life.

From an early age, Christina has a hot love for music, the talent for which she undoubtedly

inherited from her musical mother, a professional violinist and pianist. By the time the girl enters primary school, her strong voice can be heard at the local talent show, causing black envy of classmates and even parents. And this is so much annoying Cristina that her mother, in the end, makes a decision about the home education of her daughter.

But the girl continues to perform, and in 1990 she takes a prize on the national-scale television program “We’re Looking for the Stars”. The nine-year-old miracle amazes the audience with the enchanting performance of Etta James’s song “Sunday Love”, for which she receives the second prize in the competition.

Commercial success

In 1993, Aguilera again attracted attention, taking part in the television program “The New Club of Mickey Mouse.” Its show partners are future stars Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling and Carey Russell. Participation in the shooting of Aguilera lasted only two years, after which the ambitious singer travels with her mother to Japan, where she writes together with the Japanese pop icon Keizo Nakanishi the single “All I Wanna Do”. This was followed by new achievements. In 1998, Aguilera recorded the soundtrack for the Walt Disney film “Mulan.” The following

year the star makes her debut at the concert festival of female vocals “Lilith Fair”, after which she signs a contract with the recording studio “RCA Records”. In 1999, Christina releases her debut album, entitled “Christina Aguilera” which sold 8 million copies, the glory of which brought two undisputed hits on the “Billboard” list: “Genie in a Bottle” and the undisputed leader of “What a Girl Wants”. The album brought Aguilera “Grammy” as the best performer.

Along with his former partners for the “New Mickey Mouse Club” Spears and Timberlake, now also occupying the top lines of the charts, Aguilera becomes one of the key figures among the teenage pop stars of her time. But the image of a pretty little girl, imposed by such a role, was too small for Christina. After collaborating with Pink, Mya and Lil ‘Kim recording the song “Lady Marmalade”, Aguilera in October 2002 released her second album “Stripped.” As you can see from the title, the superstar entered a completely different stage of her work. The album included singles that took off on the first lines of the charts: “Dirrty”, “Beautiful” and “Make Over”.

The new music of Aguilera, as well as the new piercings and tattoos, stunned some critics, but also attracted new fans. The circulation of the album “Stripped” was little more than 4 million copies, but Christina, it is necessary to give her due, was not ashamed of her music or her appearance. “I knew that this is adult music, and that not all are ready for it,” Aguilera commented on her album in an interview with The New York Times magazine.

In 2006, Aguilera changed her style again, releasing a new studio album on two discs, “Return to the Basics”, in which the music of the 20-40’s is strongly influenced. As in the case of the previous album, Christina changes her image. Now her style corresponds to the classic image of Jean Harlow.

New projects

In 2010, Christina Aguilera returns to the recording studio with the album “Bi-on-iC”. The sound becomes more electronic, as a result of cooperation with “Le Tigre” and “MI A”. But, despite the fact that “Bi-on-iC” got to the very top of the charts, none of his singles hit it and did not.

In the same year, Aguilera made his debut in cinema, in the musical “Burlesque”, appearing on the same stage with Cher. Christina records several soundtracks for the film, including “Show Me How You Burlesque”, which has not received wide recognition. Although the release of the film was expected by many, he never assembled full halls, and critics carried him to pieces.

During this period, Aguilera is in an extremely depressed state, both in personal and professional life. On the Super Cup in February 2011, she forgets the text of the National Anthem. Soon after, the pop star is detained for his obscene behavior in public in a state of intoxication. Both these cases have generated a wave of rumors about her possible alcoholism.
But by the spring of 2011 Aguilera once again gets to her feet, being engaged in a new long-term television competition “Golos”, which started on April 26 on NBC. In this project, Kristina acts as a judge and coach of young performers competing with teams under the guidance of such musical talents as Si Lo Green, Blake Shelton and Adam Levin. And, although there were rumors of behind-the-scenes dramas between Christina and her team, the pop star gave the right back to his charges. In the finale of the show “Voice-3” in 2012, Aguilera claims that she leaves the project for some time. In the fourth season, Shakira takes her place.

Aguilera at this time releases a new album “Lotus”, very indifferently met by the public. Released in 2013, a joint with rapper Pitbull single has much more success. The duo records the song “Feel This Moment”, which they represent in the finale of the fourth season of the TV show. Soon after, Aguilera announces her return to season 5 of the project.

Personal life

During the filming of Burlesque, Aguilera has an affair with assistant director Matthew Rutler. By that time, the singer already has a son, Max, from his first marriage with the recording director, Jordan Bratman: the couple got married in 2005, divorced in 2010 and formalized the divorce in 2011. On August 16, 2014, Aguilera and Rutler were born Summer Rainer’s daughter.

Outside her stage activities, Aguilera shows herself as a person capable of compassion, taking part in advocacy campaigns against AIDS and being a member of the Women’s Center and Shelter Women’s Center in Greater Pittsburgh. In early 2010, she assumes the role of ambassador of the mission to combat hunger in the framework of the World Food Program, which leads her to Haiti, where Christine provides assistance to the victims of the earthquake.

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Biography of Christina Aguilera