The geographical position of Africa, its research

1. What are the characteristics of the geographical position of Africa?

Features of the geographical location of the continent Africa is easy to establish by looking at the map. Africa is the only continent that is divided by the equator into almost equal parts. A significant territory of the continent is located between the North and South Tropics, where the equatorial, subequatorial and tropical climatic zones are formed. A warm and humid climate near the equator contributes to the formation of a natural zone of moist equatorial forests, and the hot and dry climate in the region of the Northern and Southern Tropics forms tropical deserts.

2. Determine the geographical location of the island of Madagascar.

First, it is necessary to determine the location of the island relative to the equator and the initial meridian, then to the main continent, from which it is separated by the Mozambique Channel. Looking carefully at the map, you can determine that the South Tropic

traverse the island of Madagascar in the south so that most of the island is between the equator and the southern tropic.

3. What is the role of foreign and Russian researchers in Africa?

The continent constantly attracted the attention of travelers and explorers. Portuguese Vasco da Gama skirted Africa from the south and walked along the east coast in search of a way to fantastically rich India. The Englishman D. Livingston studied in detail South Africa in the area of ​​the Zambezi River and the upper course of the Congo River.

From the Russian researchers can be noted VV Junker, who explored the areas of Central and Eastern Africa.

I. Vavilov in the years 1926-1927. led the expedition to study the cultivated plants and natural features of Africa. He collected a huge collection of samples of cultivated plants, which was brought home and played a big role in breeding new varieties of cultivated plants, studying the adaptability of plant life to the climate, the nature of the soil.

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The geographical position of Africa, its research