General features of the location of natural areas of the southern continents. Their soil map

1. What are the features of the geographic location of the southern continents?

A feature of the geographic location of the southern continents can be considered their partial or complete location in the Southern Hemisphere. This situation determines the features of the climate, the combination of natural zones, the nature of human activity on the territory of each of the continents.

2. What are the common features of the relief of the southern continents? What are they explained?

In the arrangement of the basic forms of relief, one can single out such a regularity: central, relatively stable parts of continents – platforms – occupy plains; Mountains are located on the outskirts of the continents. This is explained by the structure of the earth’s crust and the location of lithospheric plates.

3. In which climatic zones is located most of the southern continents, in which – the smaller.

Most of the territory of Africa, South America

and Australia is located in the subequatorial and tropical climatic zones. Most of Antarctica lies within the Antarctic and subantarctic belts.

4. What are the characteristics of the rivers of the southern continents?

On the example of any river, show the dependence of the rivers on the relief and climate.

Dependence of rivers on climate can be shown by the example of the Amazon and the Congo, full-flowing throughout the year.

The flow of these rivers depends on the terrain of the territory on which they flow: the Amazon – on the lowland of the same name, the Congo – on the hill.

5. What natural areas occupy a large area and why?

Depending on the amount of heat and moisture produced in tropical latitudes, the southern continents are characterized by natural zones of moist equatorial forests, tropical deserts, savannas and sparse forests. In Australia and Africa, savannahs and deserts predominate, in South America the forest area is large.

6. On which continents is the latitudinal zonation most pronounced, on which is the altitude zonality? Why?


zoning is most pronounced in Africa, and altitudinal zonality is in the Andes occupying the west coast of South America. This is mainly due to the relatively leveled surface of Africa and the height of the Andean mountain range stretching from north to south.

7. Using the text of the textbook, climatic maps of Africa, Australia and South America, Identify the main features of each natural zone.

To determine the main features of the natural zones of the southern continents, it is necessary to give a brief description of each natural zone.

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General features of the location of natural areas of the southern continents. Their soil map