Geographical position of Australia. The history of the discovery. Relief and minerals

1. Tell us about the main stages of the discovery of Australia. Here you need to talk about the research of the Dutch traveler Abel Tasman and the English navigator James Cook. At different times they discovered different parts of the coast of Australia. It was proved that Australia is a separate continent entirely in the Southern Hemisphere. Since the XVII century. was the study of a new continent, but its intensive development began in the late 18th century. Good pastures and rich minerals attracted immigrants. England declared Australia its colony, which by its size many times exceeded the size of England itself.

2. Compare the relief of Africa and Australia.

To complete this task, you will need physical maps of Africa and Australia, as well as a plan for describing the terrain and the comparison sequence that are in the annex to the textbook.

Assess the general nature of the relief: in which parts of the mainland are mountains dominated, in which are the highlands

and plateaus, where the plains are located. It is important to determine the length of the mountains. Determine the average height of the mountains, plateaus and plains, as well as the height of the highest points on the mainland and compare them.

3. What do you think the comparison is for?

The main purpose of comparison is to determine the features of similarities and differences. In importance, they are equivalent. When comparing objects, the most important is the ability to determine which of these features prevail. This will lead to the conclusion that the compared objects are more similar to each other or, on the contrary, are very different.

In carrying out the comparison, it is important not only to identify the causes of similarity and differences, but also to explain the reasons that determine these differences. You should know that the features of the location of the main forms of relief depend on the features of the internal structure of the Earth.

4. Using maps, name the minerals of Australia.

This task is better performed on the contour map: to apply all the minerals characteristic of Australia. Thus combustible minerals of sedimentary origin can be designated by black color, metallic – brown, nonmetallic – green. After completing this work, you can easily remember all those minerals that are found in Australia, and you can not only show their location on the map, but also explain the reasons for their occurrence in this or that region of the mainland.

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Geographical position of Australia. The history of the discovery. Relief and minerals