General information about North America

The land area is 24.2 million km2.

The population is -490 million people.

The highest point above sea level is in McKinley.

The lowest point from sea level is the Valley of Death.

The longest river is Mississippi with Missouri.

The largest lake is the Upper.

The largest island is Greenland.

North America is the mainland of contrasts. From space it resembles a huge triangle, facing the wide side to the north, which seems to freeze into the ice of the Arctic Ocean. And in the south, a warm warm sea is washed by emerald beaches. In the west, mountain ranges, even in the summer covered with snow, rise high in the sky. In the east, they are replaced by wide plains, where once there were steppes, and now there are fields of wheat and corn.

Many features of nature, North America is like Eurasia. That’s why she attracted European settlers, although for a long time remained a mystery to them. After the discovery of Christopher Columbus

in the New World, immigrants began to come looking for free lands. Adventurers and scientists, robbers and workers, hunters and peasants who did not have their own land – all were looking for a better share on the new continent. A long and sad history of the settling of North America began, accompanied by the destruction of the native Indians, the conquest of their lands. There were cities, roads were laid, huge areas of untouched lands were planted, new states were formed.

In the settlement of North America, the creation of its welfare, the formation of economic power, took part and our fellow countrymen. About two million ethnic Ukrainians now live in the United States and Canada. They do not break ties with their homeland, they remember their roots. It is no coincidence that Canada was the first to recognize Ukraine’s independence in 1991. At present, Canada and the USA are our largest trading partners in the Western Hemisphere.

North America is far and near, familiar and unfamiliar.

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General information about North America