The development of internal parts of Africa

The study of the interior territories of Africa began only with the XIX century. European countries in search of new markets for their goods and cheap sources of raw materials for their industry, seized all new territories.

The most famous researcher of the interior territories of Africa is considered to be the English missionary David Livingston. He sailed along the river. Zambezi, opened the Victoria Falls, defined the watershed of the lakes Nyasa, Tanganyika, the first outflow of the Kalahari desert, etc. His main trips were carried out from 1840 to 1873.

Investigated the continent and other travelers, representatives of different peoples of Europe. Among them one should also mention the Englishman Henry Stanley, the Ukrainian Egor Kovalevsky, the Russian Vasily Junker and many others. Although most of the researchers were real scientists who respected the peoples of Africa and tried to establish friendly relations with them, their studies, unfortunately, became the impetus for the seizure of new lands. Africa has become a continent – a colony of many European states. At the end of the XIX beginning of the XX century. the whole of Africa was divided between France, Great Britain, Portugal, Spain. Belgium, Germany, Italy. Until now, the straight lines of many African states are reminiscent of that time.

The continent of Africa is explored in our time. Young independent African states invite foreign experts to carry out geological, ethnographic and other research.

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The development of internal parts of Africa