Relief and minerals of North America

1. Explain the location of large relief forms on the mainland. Why are the Cordilleras located in the west of the mainland?

Map the physical map of North America with a map of the structure of the earth’s crust. The North American platform is expressed in relief by the Central and Great Plains, and the mobile zone in the west of the continent, located on the border of lithospheric plates, is represented in the relief by the Cordilleras.

2. What effect did the ancient glaciation have on the relief?

Ancient glaciation smoothed the sharp peaks of the mountains, formed glacial lakes in the depressions of the earth’s crust. The glacier, moving a large amount of detrital material, formed elevations and ridges.

3. Give descriptions, facts, explanations of the causes of processes and phenomena occurring in nature, delineate the causes and consequences.

In nature everything is connected: every phenomenon is a consequence of certain processes occurring inside or on the surface of the Earth, and, in turn, acts as a cause of other phenomena. The change in the composition of the atmosphere leads to a change in climatic phenomena, which, in turn, affect weather conditions, natural phenomena. The collision of the Pacific and North American plates led to the formation of the Cordillera. Frequent earthquakes occur in the zone of plate interaction, shifts and faults of the earth’s crust are formed.

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Relief and minerals of North America