The population of Africa

1. Identify which African countries or parts of them are densely populated and which are weak. In which countries are there uninhabited territories? Explain the reasons.

The population on the Earth as a whole and on each continent is placed extremely unevenly. Using a population density map, you will be able to discover areas completely free of the resident population. These are, as a rule, difficult to access areas with natural conditions, quite complex and uncomfortable for the life of the population, contributing to the formation of deserts and semi-deserts).

The countries of North Africa have a high population density in the areas provided with water resources. The part of the country that is in the Sahara is practically devoid of permanent residents. A low population density is also characteristic of the damp equatorial forests of the Congo River valley.

The most populated countries are Nigeria, which ranks first in the number of inhabitants in Africa, as well

as Egypt, Ethiopia, DR Congo, South Africa. Nigeria, with a population of about 140 million people, is among the top ten most populated countries in the world. The population of this country is almost equal to that of Russia, which is almost 20 times larger than Nigeria. Uneven distribution of the population on the territory of the continent is associated not only with the natural conditions that affect the life of the population, but also with historical and environmental reasons.

The colonial past in the history of the continent, the orientation toward the export of raw materials, contributed to the development of coastal areas in the areas where the port cities were formed. In these areas, the population grew gradually.

2. What peoples live in Africa?

Africa is populated by diverse peoples. To the native inhabitants for a long history other nations were added, the roots of their origin are not connected with this continent. The colonization of Africa contributed to the resettlement of peoples living in countries of Asia, Europe, and America.

The Arab peoples inhabit the north of the mainland. The central and southern regions are inhabited by the peoples of the Negroid race. The descendants of Europeans live in the north and south of the continent: French, English, Dutch. Having studied the map of the peoples of the world, you will be able to determine which peoples in which part of the continent they live.

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The population of Africa