Painting Baksheeva “Hoarfrost”

Vasily Nikolayevich Baksheev is known for his landscapes. All his works are beautiful in their own way. Depth, shades and hidden meaning – the dignity of all the works of Vasily Baksheev. One of them is the picture “Hoarfrost”.

The picture is made in light colors. She seems to be shining. In the picture, most likely, late autumn – November, and the combination of clear skies and snow-white cover remind us of all the charms of the winter season. The artist wanted to give us a day in which everything is fine, everything is fine and everything is calm.

This frosty day is so realistic that you can feel the freshness of the air. The sky is clean and clear, it gives the impression of a severe frost that plucks the cheeks. Trees, covered with an ice blanket, and beckon into their world. I want to go through them, along the path and hear the crunch of a frozen ice crust. Each branch is covered with hoarfrost. Therefore, the trees look tall and elegant, like

young ladies.

On the road of this winter fairy tale people go. It’s not so important where they go: to work, go home or just stroll. Probably, this landscape gives everyone different feelings. Someone becomes happy from one breath of fresh air. Someone calms and pacifies the magical landscape. And someone finds answers to all the questions, remaining alone with nature.

It seems to me that the picture does not carry a hidden meaning. It carries in itself something more. For each person, it is different. And everyone sees something of their own. The artist helped us mentally find ourselves there, try to hide in the shadows of ice trees or go somewhere far away. When you look at this picture, you can think of anything, there is nothing in it except freedom. Freedom of our thoughts. And most importantly, everything that we think about becomes easy and positive. After all, white is the color of purity, purity.

It seems to me that such pictures always find their fans. After all, you can put a piece of your own soul in it, make a special sense. Vasily Nikolayevich Baksheev is a great artist. He was good at drawing pictures filled with calm, but causing a storm of emotions and reflections.

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Painting Baksheeva “Hoarfrost”