The composition of Perov’s painting “The Botanist”

After acute social themes, Vasily Grigorievich Perov wrote his work “The Botanist” in his works.
Finally, after the frustration experienced, the author returns to the beautiful nature.
A series of his paintings of this period are called “hunting series”.
The painting “The Botanist” written in 1874 becomes a continuation of this series.

The picture shows the figure of a man.
He is of medium height.
He wears a black hat and discreet clothes, a white shirt and black ordinary trousers.
She emphasizes his social position.
In his hands he holds a cane, and on his back he can see a box full of herbs already up to the top.
The man is shown in a semi-sitting form.
He looks very carefully at some kind of plant.
Perhaps he is a scientist, a teacher of natural history or just interested in rare types of herbs.

Loneliness to a man in his long walk is brightened up by a loyal friend – the dog of the hunting breed.
Since Vasily Perov loved hunting, he also conveys love for these animals on the canvas.
The look of the dog is very focused, it clearly fulfills its duty as a guard.
While the owner is studying an interesting plant, he carefully examines the territory.

Also, the author determined the great attention to the surrounding nature.
He painted an ordinary field, but at the same time he traced every blade of grass and a tree that seemed to be alive.
Everything is depicted in light golden tones, only where the dark green penetrates nowhere.
Fluffy clouds float on the bright sky and the rays of the setting sun make their way.

The picture is filled with simplicity and ease.
A beautiful day landscape with unassuming figures of a man and a dog cast memories of the village.
Provide warmth and cheerfulness.
Attracts and surrounds with heat.

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The composition of Perov’s painting “The Botanist”