The composition of Vasnetsov’s painting “The Baptism of Prince Vladimir”

Viktor Vasnetsov made a great contribution to the religious art of his people. Most of his paintings of this nature adorn the Temple of St. Prince Vladimir. One of such famous paintings is “The Baptism of Prince Vladimir”.

The work of the author began with the study of ancient manuscripts. He wrote not simply an icon, but a whole historical creation, the writing of which took more than ten years.

In the middle of the canvas, we see a large stone bath, decorated with a cross. In it sits Prince Vladimir. For us, only the upper part of his torso is visible. The face is turned towards the viewer. Her hair is loose, her beard is thick and medium, and her face is covered with a mustache. It is very serious and focused, which indicates the adoption of an important decision for the fate of the country and its people. There is a lot of people present at this solemn event. And the priest who baptizes the prince, and other worshipers, and know, and the army of the prince. People who stand in the closest position to the bath keep Vladimir’s golden clothes. This further emphasizes his condition and importance. The light falls very brightly. It illuminates only the central part of the picture, and all the others remain in the shadows.

In this painting the author has enclosed several characters. And religious, and historical, and even the fairy-tale notes are present here. Therefore, the canvas has such a great influence on the viewer of any age and position.

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The composition of Vasnetsov’s painting “The Baptism of Prince Vladimir”