Composition “A friend is known in trouble”

A friend is known in trouble – this has already become a long-worn phrase, which people are ready to say every time they want to receive something from their friend or friend. But there is so much meaning in this phrase.

Such phrases make one think that in the life of every person unpleasant events can happen, when help is needed. And it can be expressed in moral support or in physical. We also start to think immediately whether there are people in our life who, even in the late night, before a hard day, will pick up the phone, because they understand that you would not have just called at such a time. Such people are far from everyone, especially in our modern society. These friends are ready after the first words, come to the rescue. And they will never wait for something in return.

Manifestations of real friendship could be seen well before, when there was a war, there were hard times. Then people were united, they tried to help. Unfortunately, in our time, when there are so many different people around who can be dialed by phone or written on social networks, it’s still not possible to say that you have a friend who is really in trouble will help. What can not grieve. Units can boast of such friends. For the most part, it’s not up to you when something happens.

Modern man is too quick to notice others. In addition to himself, he does not see anything. Of course, the dream will be utopian, if we talk about how it would be good that in life there would not be those moments when it would be necessary to check friends. Problems have always been and will always be. But there is also a grain of truth here. After all, that’s how each of us can really understand whether there is a person in life who can be said that this friend was in need of help.

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Composition “A friend is known in trouble”