Summary “House” Abramov

Summary “House” Abramov

Mikhail Pryaslin stayed with his sister Tatyana in Moscow. It seems that he was in communism. The dacha is a two-storey, five-room, car. Arriving, he himself began to wait for his brother Petya and Grisha to visit. I showed them my new home. And in the house a polished sideboard, a sofa, a carpet, curtains from a tulle. Workshop, bathhouse, cellar. But this was not very interesting to them, because they were more impressed by Sister Lizaveta. Michael abandoned his sister after they had given birth to twins. Because. that after the death of his son, very little time has passed.

For Lisa, the brothers are the most dear guests. After sitting at the table, we went to the cemetery to see the mother, Vasily, Stepan Andreyevich. At the cemetery, Grigory had a seizure. Lisa was very frightened,

although she knew that he was falling. Also her behavior was alarmed by Peter. What is happening to them? Fedor does not get out of prison. she herself wants to recognize Mikhail and Tatyana, but it turns out that Peter and Grigory are also at odds.

Lisa told the brothers, but they themselves saw that the people in Pekashino had become quite different. I used to work before I fell. And now they have worked their due and go home. There are many workers on the farm. a lot of all kinds of equipment, but the work does not go. For sovkhoznikov a good time, because they allowed to sell milk. The mornings are behind him for two hours. But there is no milk – and it’s not necessary to hurry to work. After all, the cow is katorga. Young people will not bother with it. Victor Netesov wants to live like in the city. Mikhail said that his father had been killed for a common cause before, but you do not want to. But he replied that his mother and Valya had been killed. And that he wants to arrange a life for his family, and not a grave.

During the holiday, Peter walked around the house of his sister. One could have thought that the hero was building it. And Peter wanted to rebuild the old house in Spree. And Grisha became twins for Lysin, because Lisa Taborsky was put on a calf, which is located behind a swamp. When she

went to the calf, then the postal bus met, and Egorsha jumped out of him, from which there had been no news for twenty years.

Egorsha’s friends told me that Siberia had traveled far and wide and every woman had gone through all that was beyond counting. Believer grandfather Evsei Moshkin told him this. that he did not destroy the girls, but himself. Everything rests on such people. like Michael and Lizaveta Pryaslin! “” Egorsha was angry. I sold the house to Paha-fish supervision. He is suing Egorshey, who was Stepan Andreyevich’s own grandson, did not. She lives according to the laws of her conscience. Mikhail firstly liked the manager of Taborsky, not every such business man. They figured it out when they started sowing corn. Corn did not give large yields in Pekashino and Mikhail ordered to sow without it. Taborsky tried to persuade him. Having said that it makes no difference what they get paid for at a high rate. From that moment on, they went to war.

The peasants recently told that Netesov and Agoronosha wrote a statement on him in the region. The authorities have arrived. Pryaslin began to look at Victor gently, because he had revived faith in man. Previously, he believed that in Pekashino people want only to earn more money, to fill the house with junk, to put children in a better position and drink. Everyone waited for a week, what will happen. But they found out that Taborsky had been removed. And the new manager is now appointed. Victor Netesov. Now there will be order, this is not a person, but a machine.

Paha-fish supervision dismantled the house of the Stavrovs and nearly took everything away. When Yegorsha approached the village, he saw the rest of his grandfather’s house. The horse did not take Paha from the roof. And Lisa wanted to put it on an old Pryaslinskaya cottage, which Peter repaired. Michael recognizing. that Liza beat down the log and. that she was in the hospital, then immediately rushed there. For all he blamed himself. that Liza did not save, and the brothers too. And then I remembered the day when my father left for the front.

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Summary “House” Abramov