The composition of I. Levitan’s “Golden Autumn”

A birch grove… A quiet forest river… A thoughtful fairy tale by Levitan.

The artist loved autumn. At a single glance at the gold-flooded forests his heart began to beat joyfully. He dreamed of how he would bring to the canvas the miracle of nature he had seen. And here is the magic in colors. Picture “Golden Autumn”.

On the left bank of the river is a golden birch grove, playing with all shades of orange and yellow flowers. And on the right, at the very shore, a harmonious lonely beauty-birch tree. Touchingly thin, fragile, and it seems that under the first sharp rush of the autumn wind, her trunk will break, fall into a cold river and rush, will rush…

And the clearings along the banks of the river had not yet turned yellow. And somewhere in the distance can be seen a bright green field. It stands out clearly against the backdrop of gold of autumn, the word echoes of summer.

But the sky above the birches is already dark blue, the water in the river darkened, the reeds grew brown. And all inseparable birch-sisters in the foreground already almost lost the foliage. This suggests that autumn has come into its own.

There is a mystery in this picture. The sun is not visible in the sky. But everything is imbued with light, warmth, the birch grove glows with gold, like hundreds of suns. And at the same time, on the right bank of the river, the light is lost. Everything seemed frozen in anticipation of the cold. Feels a little more, and the autumn whirlwind will destroy this quivering, tender beauty. And the lines of Alexander Pushkin are recalled: “Dull time, eyes of charm!”

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The composition of I. Levitan’s “Golden Autumn”