Biography of Anna Semenovich

Biography of Anna Semenovich

Anna Grigorievna Semenovich – singer, figure skater, actress, was born on March 1, 1978 in Moscow.

In the beginning, Anna Semenovich devoted herself to figure skating. For this I entered the Academy of Physical Culture of Moscow. Anna was trained by the outstanding figure skaters: E. Chaikovskaya, N. Linichuk, G. Karponosov. From 1995 to 1999, she rode in a pair with Vladimir Fedorov, from 1999 to 2000 with Roman Kostomarov, in 2001 – with Denis Samokhin. In the biography Semenovich many places of honor were won in international competitions.

After the injury, the knee was forced to leave the figure skating. Then she moved to the US, but three years later she returned. Based on the support of producer D. Mishin, Anna created the group “Charlie’s Angels”.

After the collapse of the team due to lack of funds, began to work on television. On Channel 3, 7TV, Anna conducted programs dedicated to sports. Then she switched to music, began to lead “Morning”, “Night” on STS.

After the interview with “Brilliant”, was invited to the group, was in the composition until 2007. Photos Semenovich, a charming girl with a lush breasts, are full of many publications, Internet sites, which once again prove the popularity of the singer. During her time in the band, “Brilliant” released two albums: “Orange Paradise”, “Oriental Tales”.

In 2004, in the biography Semenovich took an acting debut in the movie “Bachelors.” She also starred in “Balzac’s age, or all the men of her…”, “Night Watch”, “Doomed to Become a Star”, “Irony of Fate.” Continuation, youth series “Students”, “Club”. In the series “All such a sudden” played a major role. Photos of Anna Semenovich decorate many popular magazines. .

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Biography of Anna Semenovich