“Judas Iscariot” Andreeva in brief summary

“Judas Iscariot” Andreeva in brief summary

Among the disciples of Christ, who are so open, understandable at first sight, Judas of Cariot stands out not only for his illustriousness, but for his duality of appearance: his face seems to be made of two halves. One side of the face is constantly moving, lined with wrinkles, with a black sharp eye, the other – deadly smooth and seemingly disproportionately large from a wide open, blind, tight-lipped eye.

When he appeared, none of the apostles noticed. What made Jesus draw him to him and what attracted Judas to this teacher is also unanswered questions. Peter, John, Thomas look – and unable to comprehend this proximity of beauty and disgrace, meekness and vice – the proximity of Christ and Judas sitting next to the table.

Many times the apostles asked Judas

that he was compelled to do evil deeds, he responded with a grin: every man at least once sinned. The words of Judah are almost similar to what Christ says to them: no one can condemn anyone. And the apostles faithful to the Master put their anger on Judas: “It’s nothing that you are so ugly.” Not such ugly people come across our fishing nets! “

“Say, Judas, and your father was a good man?” “And who was my father, the one who stripped me with a rod, or the devil, the goat, the cock? How could Judas know everyone with whom his mother’s bed shared?”

The answer of Judah astonishes the apostles: whoever praises his parents is doomed to perdition! “Tell me, are we good people?” – “Ah, tempt the poor Judah, offend Judas!” – A red-haired man from Cariota is croaking.

In one village they are accused of stealing a kid, knowing that Judah walks with them. In another village, after the preaching of Christ, they wanted to stone him and the disciples; Judas rushed to the crowd, shouting that the Teacher was not possessed by the demon, that He was just a deceiver, loving money, the same as he, Judas, and the crowd accepted: “These aliens are not worthy to die at the hands of an honest man!”

Jesus leaves the village in

anger, moving away from him in great strides; the disciples follow Him at a respectful distance, swearing Judas. “Now I believe that your father is the devil?” – throws him in the face of Thomas. Fools! He saved their lives, and they did not appreciate him again…

Somehow at a halt, the apostles decided to have fun: with a measure of strength, they raise stones from the ground-who is the bigger one? – and tossed into the abyss. Judas lifts the heaviest fragment of the rock. His face shines with triumph: now it is clear to everyone that he, Judas, is the strongest, the most beautiful, the best of the twelve. “Lord,” Peter prayed, “I do not want Judas to be the strongest. Help me to overcome him!” “And who will help Iscariot?” – Jesus responds with sorrow.

Judas, appointed by Christ to keep all their savings, hides several coins – it opens. Pupils are indignant. Judas is brought to Christ – and He again pleads for him: “No one should count how much money our brother has appropriated.” Such reproaches offend him. ” In the evening, at dinner, Judas is merry, but he is pleased not so much with the reconciliation with the apostles, but rather that the Teacher again singled it out from the general series: “How can you not be cheerful person, who today was so much kissed for theft?” If I did not steal, John, what is love to one’s neighbor? Is not it fun to be a hook on which one hangs a dampened virtue for drying, and the other a mind spent in moth? “

The sorrowful final days of Christ are approaching. Peter and John are arguing which of them is more worthy in the Kingdom of Heaven to sit at the right hand of the Teacher – the crafty Judas points to his primacy to everyone. And then to the question of how he still thinks in conscience, with pride answers: “Of course, I!” Next morning he goes to the high priest Anne, offering to bring the Nazarene to justice. Anna is well aware of the reputation of Judah and drives him away for several days in a row; but, fearing the rebellion and interference of the Roman authorities, with scorn offers Judas for the life of the Master thirty pieces of silver. Judas is indignant: “You do not understand what you are sold for! He is kind, he heals the sick, he loves the poor!” This price – it turns out that you give a whole bloody drop for a drop of blood, a quarter of an obole for a drop of sweat… And Him Cries and groans? And the heart, mouth, eyes? You want to rob me! ” – “

Lasca surrounds Judas the One whom He betrayed, in the last hours. Lasky, and he is helpful to the apostles: nothing should prevent the plan, through which the name of Judah will forever be remembered in the memory of people with the name of Jesus! In the Garden of Gethsemane, he kisses Christ with such excruciating tenderness and anguish that, if Jesus flower, not a drop of dew fell from His petals, he would not hover on the thin stalk from the kiss of Judas. Step by step, Judas follows in the footsteps of Christ, not believing his eyes when He is beaten, condemned, leads to Calvary. The night is gathering… What is night? The sun rises… What is the sun? No one yells: “Hosanna!” No one defended Christ with weapons, although he, Judas, stole two Roman swords from the Roman soldiers and brought them to these “faithful disciples”! He is one – until the end, until the last breath – with Jesus! His horror and dream come true. Iscariot ascends from the knees at the foot of the Golgotha ​​cross. Who will wrest victory from his hands? Let all peoples, all future generations, come here at this moment – they will find only a shameful pillar and a dead body.

Judas looks at the ground. How she suddenly became small under his feet! There is no more time in itself, neither in front, nor behind, but, obedient, moves with all its bulk only together with Judas, with its steps along this small land.

He goes to the Sanhedrin and throws them in the face like a lord: “I deceived you! He was innocent and pure! You killed the sinless!” Judas did not betray Him, but you, betrayed eternal disgrace! “

On this day, Judas broadcasts as a prophet, which the dastardly apostles do not dare: “I saw the sun today – it looked at the ground with horror, asking:” Where are the people here? “Scorpions, animals, stones – all echoed this question. and the mountains, how many people have appreciated Jesus, they will descend from their places and fall upon your heads! .. “

“Who among you,” Iscariot says to the apostles, “will go with me to Jesus? Are you afraid? You say that it was His will?” Do you explain your cowardliness by the fact that He told you to carry His word on the earth? “But who will believe His word in your cowardly and unfaithful mouths? “

Judas “climbs the mountain and tightens the noose around his neck around the world in sight, completing the plan.” The news of the traitorous Judas spreads all over the world, no faster and no quieter, but this message continues to fly with time…

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“Judas Iscariot” Andreeva in brief summary