Summary “Kyle and the Nightingale” Krylov

The donkey met the nightingale and asked him to sing. He sang and was beautiful. All were heard. But the donkey advised him to learn from the cock. Nightingale flew away.

Analysis of the fable Donkey and the Nightingale, the heroes of the fable

The main characters of the fable are a donkey and a nightingale. The fable starts right from the development of events. Each of the heroes is an indicator of the opposite qualities.

Nightingale is a beautiful singing bird. His singing is liked by everyone. His voice is given by nature. In the form of a nightingale Krylov shows a man, a master of his craft. The Nightingale is proud of his voice, for anyone who hears his singing highly appreciates his talent. Krylov well picked up words to describe the situation around the nightingale, as well as the reactions of other animals.

In the ass, on the contrary, there is no sound or voice. Despite this, he believes that he has the right to assess the talent of the nightingale.

Due to the fact that he does not have a musical ear, he says that even a cock would sing better. Comparing the nightingale and the rooster, this makes us even more sure how much the donkey is stupid. This he offends the nightingale, because everyone admires his singing. Comparing the nightingale and the cock, the ass thus shows that it has no idea of ​​the real art of singing.

In the role of an ass, on the contrary, a person who has no idea about this craft. Despite the fact that the donkey does not understand anything in singing, he tells the nightingale that he is singing badly. Often this happens among people. A person who does not understand anything in the profession tells the master what to do and how. In this fable, the donkey is posed as an ignoramus.

The meaning of the fable is that people who do not understand the profession professionally give advice to the masters. They criticize and point out that they are doing something wrong. But in fact real criticism can be given by the same professional as this person. In this case, a professional is a nightingale. And the criticism can be given only

by the same nightingales as he.

The author ridicules the disrespect of the donkey to the nightingale. He makes it clear that you can not judge someone, if you do not understand it yourself. But this is not only about them, but also about ordinary people. In everyday life, people do the same.

Before you judge someone you need to think, but can you do it yourself. If a person has no idea about this craft, then he can not judge this either.

To do this, it is required to prove that the condemning person can not do something like a professional. In this case, if the nightingale asked the donkey to sing as well, then, naturally, he could not. Thus, he would have been able to prove that the donkey has no right to judge his singing.

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Summary “Kyle and the Nightingale” Krylov