Summary of “The Adventures of the Rhinoceros Beetle” by Paustovsky

The plot of this tale by KG Paustovsky is uncomplicated. Pyotr Terentyev leaves the village for war. His young son Stepa gave the father of the old rhinoceros beetle, which he caught in the garden. Planted in a box of matches, the rhinoceros beetle went with the soldier to the front. Pyotr Terentyev fought, was wounded, again fought and all this time he bore the gift of his son. After the victory, the soldiers and beetle returned home.

It would seem that here is fabulous? And the fact that all events are described from the position of the rhinoceros beetle. Already in the beginning of the tale there is a feeling that there will be many adventures ahead. This is how the insect-bug saw the battle at the front: “He arrogantly imagined that burning and buzzing missiles are like him, like big beetles.” But the main thing here is that the beetle did not get scared. The writer jokes about him: “He realized that it is better not to mess with such bugs.” There were

many of them whistling around. “

Another time, the beetle woke up with a shake: it was Peter with the men who rushed to the attack. The beetle flew next to them and suddenly noticed that a man “in a dirty green uniform aimed at Peter from a rifle.” And then the beetle struck this man in the eye since summer. He dropped his rifle and ran. So the beetle saved Peter’s life: Peter wounded, only his foot hurt. In other words, the rhinoceros beet becomes a hero right before our eyes.

When you read the last pages of this amazing fairy tale, tears come to your eyes. Peter answered the question of his son whether the beetle was alive, answered: “He is alive, my friend…” His war did not touch him… “Peter took the beetle from his bag and put it on his palm.” And he, having learned his native places, flies away with a loud buzzing.

After reading a fairy tale, you understand that its meaning is by no means the adventure of a beetle. This touching book teaches the reader to love people, to kindly treat his neighbor, to understand and respect each other.

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Summary of “The Adventures of the Rhinoceros Beetle” by Paustovsky