“Adventures of Krosh” Rybakov in brief summary

    Krasheninnikov. Ivan Semenovich is a school superintendent who always steals a school truck for economic needs. Natalia Pavlovna is a class teacher. Vyacheslav Petrovich – chief engineer, head of practice. Dmitry Alexandrovich – foreman of locksmiths, looks like a Spaniard. Lagutin is a mechanic, an unpleasant type, a rude, dragging out details and driving. Zina – the dispatcher, loved Lagutin, followed him on his heels. Mike Katanskaya – the first beauty in the class, Lagutin stared at her. Zuyev – was once a driver, but deprived of rights and transferred to the garage, some kind of apathetic. Nadia Flerova – her friend, always fell in love with those guys who liked Mike. Semechkina and Makarova are friends, always go together. Igor is an outstanding personality of the class, a great diplomat, was shot in episodes of films, so he tore his nose. Vadim is Igor’s friend, is under his influence, can exchange and get anything. Shmakov Peter –
    calm, he always does not care. Polekutin is a classmate with technical abilities.

A tale of how schoolchildren of the 9th grade passed summer practice at the carpool, which is patronizing their school. Krosh had no technical inclinations, he wanted to get settled during practice on the car to lead. But together with Shmakov Peter got into the garage. At first they did not trust anything, they just watched. In the garage, the workers considered Krosh small, but after he showed them his rights, although childish, it impressed everyone. Gradually, the guys got into work.

Igor worked in the office, walked around the shops and filled out the forms. He held himself as if he were deputy chief engineer. He liked to hang around among the elders, to be the center of attention.

At the class meeting after a week of practice, Igor suggests restoring the decommissioned GAZ-51. All the guys support him. Krosh suggests, before taking on such a difficult business, to see what condition the car is in. Nobody listens to him. As always, Igor offers something, but if everything fails, except him.

Krosh proposes

to draw up a defective list. At this time in the table at Lagutin finds bearings, which he had to put on the car. The car left the garage with old parts. The boy can not believe that Lagutin can do this to the state – sell the bearings, and take the money himself. Krosh realized for himself that Lagutin was a crook.

Krosh, Shmakov, Vadim and Igor live in the same yard. Igor did not introduce the rest to his older friends. Shy. Vadim, as a friend, it hurt.

The next day, Vadim announced to all his classmates that they would collect everything that could be fit for their car. Just at this time, the new shock absorbers are gone. Krosh guessed who took them – Lagutin. Immediately, there were losses in other warehouses. All the missing things, except the shock absorbers, were in the warehouse, assigned to the car of schoolchildren. Igor began to blame Vadim for this, although he was to blame himself – he told Vadim that the director allowed to collect things in the shops. From this moment Vadim emerges from the influence of Igor. The guys asked for forgiveness. The schoolboys were told to look for shock absorbers.

The guys were advised to restore the decommissioned car, which is in Lipki, as it is in the best condition. After him drove Krosh, Shmakov, Igor and Vadim. On the spot there was an accident: the guys turned this car over. Krosh, Shmakov and Vadim stayed overnight in the car, as they were ashamed to return to the city without anything. And Igor returned home, supposedly to warn his family. When the children and the car were in Moscow, the parents made a noise. The director reprimanded Zuyev. Krosh wants to write a statement, because the guys are to blame. Igor dissuades, and Zuev does not care.

Igor tells Krosh that there are rumors that Zuyev took shock absorbers. The boy decides to talk with Lagutin. The mechanic distorts the words of the schoolboy, and already the whole car base knows that Krosh thinks that Zuyev took the shock absorbers. They look at Krosh with reproach. The boy is suffering, because he wanted better.

Vadim finds shock absorbers and shows Krosh. They decide not to take them and thus get out on a thief. In the evening at the dance, Mike dances with Lagutin. Krosh decides to never talk to her.

The next morning the shock absorbers were not there. The boys studied the tracks: some from the Volga, others from the cross-country vehicle. Krosh tells all about Shmakov.

The schoolchildren were given an advance. Crosh thoughtlessly spent almost all day. They remained intact with Shmakov.

Krosh still writes a statement that Zyyev was not guilty in Lipki. The director is angry and asks not to interfere in his business.

The case for rebuilding the car was moving slowly. Only Krosh and Shmakov almost did everything. But then all the children were banned from repairing during working hours. At the meeting they decided that they will do this after their shift, and the masters will help them. Things went faster.

On Sunday, Krosh and Shmakov decided to go to Khimki. With them was imposed Vadim. In the courtyard I meet Igor, who is busy with the Muscovite brother and can not fix it. Krosh and Shmakov help him. Igor under pain of another car breakdown takes the boys to Silverpine Forest, where it is much better. There he meets his friends and moves away from his classmates. In the end, everyone gets acquainted and swims together. Krosh pays attention to the tracks of the car on which Igor’s friends came. They are the same as the scene of the crime.

Krosh talks to Mike again and tells her a story with shock absorbers. The guys decide to talk with Igor for cleanliness. Igor invites his friends to the Volga and it turns out that they did not take shock absorbers. But it could be done by the person to whom they gave their car for repairs. And it was Lagutin with a friend. After a while, the whole class knew the history of shock absorbers. Lagutin looked at Krosh sideways. Krosh and Shmakov talk with Lagutin. In the evening, a dispatcher Zina comes to Krosh. The boy convinces her that if there are shock absorbers, then Lagutin will not be anything.

On the last day of practice the machine is finally ready, there were found unfortunate shock absorbers and the director of the motor depot scolds first, and then praises for honesty of Krosh.

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“Adventures of Krosh” Rybakov in brief summary