Summary “Crane and heron”

Summary “Crane and heron”

“Crane and heron” – a fairy tale, which is an example of Russian folk art. Today we will retell her story, and also try to understand what the main idea was put into this work.

So, before us is the work “Crane and Heron”. The fairy tale has an introduction that should be considered in more detail. It describes the flying owl-cheerful head. She sat down, twisted the tail, looked around, then flew again. Now go to the story.

With a story figured out. As you can see, it can be infinite. Now let’s see where the fairy tale “The Crane and Heron” begins. First of all, the narrative acquaints the reader with the main characters.

Crane and heron lived in the swamp. At the end they built their own huts. The zhuravel was thinking

of getting married, because he was bored to live alone. He decided to go and get married to the heron. I set off on a long journey, the swamp overcame by as much as seven versts! I came and decided to immediately find out if the heron is at home now. She answered him that yes. Without hesitating, our hero from the doorstep suggested that she marry him. The beloved refused the hero, arguing that he was flying badly, his dress was short, his debts were incapable of feeding him. The heron said to him to go home, calling the last one lanky. So the crane and heron parted.

The fairy tale, however, does not end there. The crane was sad and went home. The heron later decided that it would be better to marry a crane than live alone. I came to visit our hero. Without thinking twice, she asked him to marry her. The crane was nevertheless angry with the heron. He said that she did not need him now, and ordered her to go home. The heron cried with shame. I returned home.

After her departure, the crane was also thinking. I decided that I did not take it for myself. He again gathered his strength and went to visit her. A crane came and said that he had decided to marry a heron and asked to marry him. She, angry, said that he would not accept his offer for anything. Then the crane went home. Heron then thought that it was not worth, probably,

refuse, because one does not make sense. Again decided to go for the crane. I went on the road, I came and invited him to be her husband. But the crane has already changed his mind. So they go to woo from one to another, but have not yet married. This ends the narrative.

Let’s try now to answer the question, what is the meaning of the fairy tale “The Crane and Heron”. From the history described above, it is clear that one must love at the very moment when they treat you mutually, and not wait for the moment after which no one will experience feelings. “Crane and heron” – a fairy tale that shows that inability at the right time to meet one another can lead to incredibly sad results. In addition, it should be said that in this literary work very subtly revealed topics of extreme stubbornness and pride. Each of the characters from nature is rewarded with excessively bloated pride. Therefore, unfortunately, most likely none of them will not have the courage and wisdom to back away from their principles.

Summary “Crane and heron”