“Telegram” of Paustovsky in brief summary

Engaged in the affairs of the sculptor Timofeev, Nastya does not have time to come to the dying mother. The old woman is escorted to the last path by strangers. The story was written in 1946.

In this cold and rainy October Katerina Petrovna became even more difficult to get up in the morning. The old house in which she lived her life was built by her father, a famous artist, and was guarded by the regional museum. The house stood in the village of Zaborje. Every day Kanyterina Petrovna resorted to Manyushka, the daughter of a collective cobbler, and helped with housework. Sometimes Tikhon, the watchman at the fire barn, came in. He remembered how Katerina Petrovna’s father built this house.

Nastya, the only daughter of Katerina Petrovna, lived in Leningrad. Last time she came three years ago. Katerina Petrovna very rarely wrote to Nastya – she did not want to interfere, but she was constantly thinking about her. Nastya did not write, only once in two or three

months the postman brought Katerina Petrovna a transfer of 200 rubles.

One day at the end of October, at night someone knocked on the gate for a long time. Katerina Petrovna went out to see, but there was no one there. That very night she wrote a letter to her daughter asking to come.

Nastya worked as a secretary in the Union of Artists. The artists called her Solveig for her fair hair and big cold eyes. She was very busy – she arranged an exhibition of the young sculptor Timofeev, so she put her mother’s letter into her purse without reading, only sighed with relief: if the mother writes, it means she is alive. In the workshop of Timofeev Nastya saw the sculpture of Gogol. It seemed to her that the writer was looking at her mockingly and reproachfully.

For two weeks Nastya was busy with the arrangement of Timofeev’s exhibition. At the opening of the exhibition the courier brought Nastya a telegram from Zaborye: “Katya is dying.” Tikhon. ” Nastya crumpled the telegram and again felt Gogol’s reproachful look on herself. The same evening, Nastia went to Zaborye.


Petrovna did not get up for the tenth day. Manyushka did not leave her for six days. Tikhon went to the post office and wrote something for a long time in a letterhead, then brought it to Katerina Petrovna and read in a fright: “I’m waiting, left.” I always remain your loving daughter Nastya. ” Ekaterina Petrovna thanked Tikhon for her kind words, turned to the wall and seemed to fall asleep.

Katerina Petrovna was buried the next day. The funeral was attended by old women and children. On the way to the cemetery, a young teacher saw the funeral and remembered about her old mother, who was left alone. The teacher came to the coffin and kissed Katerina Petrovna in a dried yellow hand.

Nastya came to Zaboriya on the second day after the funeral. She found a fresh grave hill in the cemetery and a cold dark room, from which life had left. In this room, Nastya cried all night. She left Zaborya stealthily, so that no one noticed and did not ask about anything. It seemed to her that no one, except Katerina Petrovna, could remove from her the burden of irreparable guilt.

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“Telegram” of Paustovsky in brief summary