Student and Teacher

While teachers and disciples live in the world, the world is in constant development, which leads to renewal, spiritual enrichment, moral perfection.

The teacher seeks to create a personality. Our parents also have the same desire. Therefore, the attitude towards the teacher, in my opinion, should be the same as for the father and mother.

It’s hard to imagine how much spiritual strength, energy, knowledge, skills you need to apply to grow and educate real people so different, dissimilar children!

Teacher is a friend and adviser to me. He can feel my mood, see in my eyes anxiety or anguish – and support, protect from trouble, warn against ill-considered steps. For this he does not require any reward. Teaches us to be grateful to parents and older friends for both praise and reproach, because praise testifies to your perfection, and reproach or condemnation helps to understand some mistakes and learn to live humanly.

The teacher reveals to the student all the secrets of being: teaches to recognize good and evil, sincerity and cunning, the richness of the soul and spiritual squalor. He teaches us to know ourselves, to teach, to analyze life situations, to be sympathetic to someone else’s grief, attentive to the weak and infirm, and merciful to those who need help.

“My teacher, the world star.” How wonderful and how aptly named in this poetry A. Malyshko is a teacher. Indeed, as the morning dawn gives the joy of a new day, so the teacher gives us the daily joy of knowing the world, skillfully “sculpts” from us the true Man.

Let fate send you, my wise mentor, clever, kind and grateful students!

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Student and Teacher