Sherlock Holmes’s All-conquering Logic

Arthur Conan Doyle is a famous English writer, creator of the image of the brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes. Probably, there is no person who in his time did not read the stories about Sherlock Holmes. In all these stories, most striking is the detective’s logic, his ability to build a logical chain, not missing any, even the most insignificant, seemingly details. In unraveling the crimes Holmes helps his friend, Dr. Watson. The detective and his friend are united by devotion to business and unselfishness. They never talked about how much they should be paid by those who turned to them for help. At any moment, friends could take their bags and go to disclose the crime.

Dr. Watson, asking Holmes countless questions, how would help the reader understand the logic of the detective’s actions, the logic of his reflections, which otherwise would be incomprehensible. Take, for example, the story “Blue Carbuncle”. On Christmas, Watson went to see a friend and

saw that he carefully, with the help of a magnifying glass, studying an old felt hat. In response to Watson’s bewilderment, Holmes asked him to examine the hat himself and say what he thought of her master. “You’re joking,” Watson said, “what can you learn from this old ragged felt?”

Then Holmes told a friend that the owner of the hat is a middle-aged man with gray hair, he leads a sedentary lifestyle, does not engage in sports. Three years ago this man was rich, but now black days came for him and he, most likely, was addicted to alcohol. Apparently, because of this, his wife also fell out of love. Watson was amazed and could not believe that such information could be extracted from an old hat. Then Holmes explained the details about the nature and life of the hat owner, for example, he said that the excellent quality of the hat and its style, which was in vogue three years ago, speak of the former abundance; after a recent visit to the hairdresser, the hat was left with cropped gray hair, etc. The most surprising thing is that when the owner of the hat was found, he was exactly

as Sherlock Holmes described it. After the explanations of the detective, that you yourself could have guessed everything. But it only seems so. Behind the conclusion of Holmes is the hard work of thought – and this is not given to everyone.

The story describes the story of the abduction of the gem – the blue carbuncle. And Sherlock Holmes, that’s how he builds a logical chain, finds the kidnapper and returns the stone to her proprietress. The thief asks Holmes for mercy. But to punish the criminal is not the case of the detective. “Get out!” exclaimed Holmes. And his friend Watson said: “Today’s holidays, we must forgive sins!”

I admire Sherlock Holmes – not only his logic, but also himself!

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Sherlock Holmes’s All-conquering Logic