Composition of peoples friendship

Russia is a huge state, the largest in the world. It is inhabited by more than 143 million inhabitants. In Russia there are more than 160 different nationalities of people. You can hear more than 100 different languages ​​in Russia. The Republics, which are located on the territory of Russia, establish their own state languages ​​and have equal rights. Different faiths are allowed in Russia: Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, pagan and many others.
Our homeland is rich, diverse and multinational. Regardless of the nation, religion, customs, all the people of the country are Russians. And all Russians are one family.

The power of Russia in the friendship of peoples. Unfortunately, at the moment, abroad and in Russia there is a problem of aggression and cruelty between different nations. Do not forget that all people are different, but we are all one big family. Russia is trying to maintain a good attitude, friendship with different peoples of the world. After all, it’s

interesting, different people can teach each other a lot.
Important place in Russia is occupied by the concepts of patriotism, citizenship, tolerance. As a rule, the main lay of personality occurs in early childhood. Therefore, it is so necessary at this age to educate an equal rights in a person, an appropriate attitude towards people of a different nationality.

After all, we all have a common past, a common future and one story. It is necessary to learn to understand, respect each other without paying attention to customs, nation and religion. To learn as much as possible information about different peoples. Protect the people of different nations who live in the territory of the Russian Federation. After all, all these people contribute to the development of our homeland.
We must not forget about the general history of the part that has already been written, and about the continuation that we still have to write together with many peoples of the country.

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Composition of peoples friendship