My friendly family writing

Family is the most important thing in a person’s life. For the sake of the family and its preservation people at all times were capable of much.

Even in antiquity, men went hunting and fishing to get food for their children and wives. And the women stayed at home and kept the fire in the hearth. And this was the very first proof of care and responsibility for his family.

In the modern world, everything has changed a lot. But the creation of a family is still the most important event in the life of a man and a woman. Creating families, people take on a very great responsibility. In strong and caring families, parents give their children the most important. They teach them to love, respect, cherish, care, empathize, understand… And they also teach their children to study well and work diligently. Everyone must have a family, because without a family a person will be alone. People. having a united family, will be happy, they will be able to cope with all the difficulties

of life.

Family for me – this is the most native and intimate people. I have a big and friendly family.

My dad is very strong and kind. He works as a builder in Moscow. When he leaves, I miss him very much. He brings us different gifts. clothes, toys. delicious.

Mom works as an oilman, but now she sits at home, looks after my younger brother. My mother is the most tender and caring. She prepares us delicious food, cares for us.

I try to help my parents. my dishes, wipe the dust, and also in my duties is to take out the garbage.

I have two brothers. The elder brother is a student, he is studying in Ufa for an oilman. We are always looking forward to his arrival home. And our younger brother is only a little over a year old and I love him very much. He is very happy. when I return home from school. Together with him we watch cartoons and play typewriters, read his books and my magazines about cars.

Together with my parents and brothers, I really love to travel to various interesting places. Very often we visit grandfather and grandmother who live in the village. They

have a big and beautiful house there. We help them in the garden and the garden. Dad and older brother store hay for the winter. And in our spare time we bathe and sunbathe. Grandfather teaches me to play chess, and with my grandmother we like to guess the different charades, puzzles and crossword puzzles. Our grandmother bakes the most delicious and fragrant bread in the world! I like to visit them very much!

Each child needs a strong and friendly family. And I am very glad that next to me are my very own and closest people. I’m sure we will always be together – and in joy. and in sorrow, because we are a FAMILY! And I really love her!

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My friendly family writing