What is a novel

What is a novel? The word “novel”, which came to us from the French language, has several meanings. Surely each of us has ever bought a novel in a bookstore or heard that someone has got into an affair. Let us consider the meaning of this word in more detail. A novel as a literary genre A novel is a literary term, meaning one of the epic genres (along with narrative, story, novella). Initially, the novel meant only those works that were written in a living Roman language, in contrast to spiritual canonical or scientific works written in Latin.

Romance novels and short stories with “easy” stories spread in the circles of ordinary people who do not know Latin. Later, the adjective “Romance” acquired an independent meaning. So this genre of narrative works arose in any language. In the modern sense, a novel is a fictional (or based on real events, but with a fiction) story with a whole story, unfolding describing the picture of life and encompassing the fate, as a rule, of several actors.

A novel can be psychological, everyday, adventure. It can be written both in prose and in verse (let us recall the novel in Pushkin’s poems “Eugene Onegin”). If you are interested in this literary genre seriously and are thinking about how to create your own work in this genre, refer to the article How to Write a Novel.

And about literary flow, which has a consonant name, you’ll find in the article What is Romanticism. A romance in the meaning of a love relationship If you heard that a man and a woman have a romance, it means that they are in love with each other and have entered into a love relationship. Sometimes the word in this sense has an ironic tinge and suggests that such a love affair will not last long.

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What is a novel