Russian character composition

Alexei Nikolaevich Tolstoy is a talented artist who has had a lot of trials: revolutions, emigration, first and second world wars, but he not only survived these events, but managed to comprehend and reflect in his work. Already at the end of life, Tolstoy had to go through almost the most powerful shock – the Great Patriotic War. The writer never for a moment doubted that Russia would stand and win this terrible tragedy, but was mourning for the sacrifices that had to be brought to the altar of the Victory. During this period, Tolstoy wrote stories later combined into a series entitled “Stories of Ivan Sudarev.”

Let us dwell in detail on the story “Russian character”. Using the well-known form in the literature “story in the story,” Tolstoy tells of remarkable Russian people: Yegor Dremov, his parents – Yegor Yegorovich and Mary Polikarpovna, the bride of Katya. Each actor of the narrative is a person. Lieutenant Dremov himself

is a brave but modest man. The star of the hero and the order speak for themselves, but the lieutenant never protrudes forward, does not take pride in comrades in his exploits. “He did not like talking about military feats.” “I do not want to remember such matters!” “He frowns and lights up.” But a misfortune happened with the lieutenant, burned in the tank and changed his face greatly. “Eight months later, when the bandages were removed, he looked at his own and now – not his face.” The nurse, gave him a small mirror, turned away and cried. He immediately returned the mirror to her: “It’s worse,” he said, “you can live with it.” Indeed, he did not lose sight, could continue to fight, and did his job well enough and skillfully.

Awarded a vacation, Dremov went home, but, not having lived there for a day, returned to the unit. It seems to Dremov that he became a stranger to his parents and a bride – the beautiful Katya. Ivan Sudarev will say about her: “I give my word of honor – there are somewhere else beautiful, not

the same she is, but personally I have not seen.” According to his youth and inexperience, he thought that the bride would refuse him, that his parents would be frightened. Mother’s heart told her that his son was coming. But my father does not understand that a man can be ashamed of such a person: “Such a person as this, who came to visit us, should be proud,” Yegor Yegorovich will say, assessing the soldier’s feat. Yes, it does not matter to parents whether their son is handsome or not, he needs to be honest, he remains alive. But for the bride was more important than the inner beauty of Dremov. Katya came to the front (you can imagine, how much did it cost her to achieve this trip!) to confirm her fiance’s words: “Egor, I was going to live with you forever.” I will love you faithfully, I will very much love. “Do not send me away.” By the lips of his hero – Ivan Sudarev, the writer admires Russian characters, staunch and faithful, loving and affectionate.

In a hard time it fell to live these people, but they are worthy of their fate. The title of the story is symbolic. This essay tells of the heroes, but how many are still on Russian soil. Throughout the storyline the author proves that such a people can not be won. With a special pathos, the final lines of the story sound: “Yes, here they are, Russian characters!” It seems that a man is simple, but a severe misfortune will come, and a great power rises in him – human beauty. “

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Russian character composition