Shot of Pushkin

In an unknown place is a quartered army regiment. Everything in the life of an army man is on the same order, but once officers get acquainted with Silvio, who lives in. He is much older than all officers, quite closed and has a daring language. Silvio hides from all the terrible secret. He once served, but she resigned and no one knows its cause. His financial condition is also a mystery, but he covers all the meals at all and always. He skillfully shoots, but does not like talking about fights, but if someone asks if he was on them, then in response to the dry – “Was.”

Everyone believes that it is the duel that ended in tragedy that oppresses him.

One evening on a sit-in at Silvio, the officers pretty drank and asked Silvio to sweep the bank. He was always in the game silent, only corrected errors. A new officer who only came to the service, not knowing Silvio, was enraged at his silence and threw a shandal into his head. Silvio politely asked him to

leave. The officers were upset by this incident, but soon everyone forgot this situation.

Only one of them could not reconcile with the shame of Silvio.

Once Silvio received mail in the office, he was excited by his content. He said he was leaving and called for dinner. Towards evening, when everyone was already dispersed, Silvio asked to remain an officer who was more intimate with him and told what his secret was

He said that it happened several years ago, the offender did not die, he lives somewhere. So, Silvio received a slap from him. Silvio was always insolent. Everyone was happy and respected him, until a noble officer from a wealthy family, a lucky and soul of the campaign, came to the regiment. Silvio tried to establish friendly relations with him, but all his attempts were vain. At the ball, a young officer struck Silvio on the cheek. A duel took place. The officer was quite impudent and came to a duel with a cap of sweet cherry, the bones of which tactfully fell into Silvio. He was furious and retired from the duel. The officer said that Silvio has the right to use his shot at any time, since

he already shot and did not hit.

So he got here, he was always consumed with a thirst for revenge and finally justice has the opportunity to happen. He was told that the officer was going to marry, and it was a wonderful occasion to find out whether he would want to part with life as simply as it was in a duel. Silvio left.

Several years later, that young officer who was close to Silvio, as it fell into the estate, where Count B arrived with his wife. They accepted him with honors. Suddenly, the officer notices the picture shot twice, and in one place. He said that he knew a man who shoots as skillfully and said that his name was Silvio. Count with the countess began to ask him if he knew the history of what Silvio was hiding and he replied that he knew. The count told the continuation of the story.

Five years have passed since the Earl met Silvio for the second time. The abuser did not recognize Silvio at once, but he said that he wanted to use the shot. Count did not dare to refuse, only asked to do everything faster, since his wife will soon return. Silvio proposed again draw lots, and again the right to shoot first was for the count. He fired and did not hit. His wife came in, and the Count began to ask for a shot quicker, ignoring his wife. Silvio, said that he had already seen his fear, and when he went to the door shot in the same place where the count got. Silvio soon died, taking part in the Greek uprising, and they never met again.

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Shot of Pushkin