My Life Position

Frankly, I never thought of becoming a teacher. but after receiving a pedagogical education, I was offered a job in a kindergarten. And then I realized that I like working with children! That I’m happy to go to work, and easily find contact with the guys. Not everything turned out right away, there were many difficulties, but there was a great desire to learn how to work with children.

From the first days of working with kids, I fell in love with them and began to notice that I call them “my children.” Many consider the caregiver’s job easy and carefree, and do not suspect that it takes a lot of hard work, patience, skills to invest and bring up in the child all the best and necessary in life. To every child grew a real person, personality.

The teacher should have many knowledge and skills! The teacher has to do everything. draw, sculpt, dance, sing, perform acting, speak to parents, have artistic taste, good-order rules, and can you list all that is found in the teacher’s work!

The educator should be multifaceted, comprehensively developed, after all only the competent and cheerful teacher can draw to itself attention of the child-neposeda. Children value in the educator these qualities and try to imitate him. The life of children in kindergarten should be a holiday, because they spend most of their lives in the garden with a tutor.

I try to create an atmosphere of joy and friendliness around the child, I try to be a friend, an assistant, a mentor. And only such a benevolent atmosphere will help the development of the child, his skills and talents.

I love my hard, but interesting and necessary profession for the fact that I can live in her childhood many times!

And let them say that the profession of the educator is not fashionable. but I’m proud of my profession, because I was trusted with the most valuable, growing flowers of our life – children!

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My Life Position