The summary of the drama of the Block “Puppet Show”

Date of birth of Alexander Blok, November 28, 1921.
Block, left a trace of himself, as a poet and playwright, as a participant and the founder of symbolism. His literary heritage is the most vivid phenomenon of Russian literature, which contributed to the enormous influence on the literature of the whole world.

Alexander’s parents did not have a family, they split up almost immediately after their son was born. The mother’s family was involved in the upbringing of the boy, referring to the professorial family.

In 1898, a small Blok became a pupil of the gymnasium in St. Petersburg, after graduating he entered the university in the same city, the faculty of jurisprudence, where he studied until 1901.

The formation of Blok, as a poetic personality, took place under the influence of classics. Creativity began Blok as a child. The greatest recognition of Alexander enjoyed Zhukovsky romanticism, reading it, Blok spoke about Zhukovsky, that this is a

singer of nature, who managed to penetrate into the innermost natural sacraments. It was his works that became for the future poet, playwright, or anything else, like teaching, in comprehending the beauty and world magic of natural phenomena, as evidenced by the early work of the poet, namely the collection, collection, book, which was published in 1904.

His works were related to increased symbolism, in it the poet counterposed mournfulness with the beautiful, the holiness of the ideal with the promised. What inspired the poet to call him, nothing else, like “Poems about the beautiful Lady.”

Creative debut to Blok brought in 1905. It was at the beginning of the nineteenth century that the literary mood of society changed significantly. His poems absorbed social sensitivity, which the poet successfully manipulated in his creations, which brought recognition more than in the pre-revolutionary period of his work.
And “Unexpected pride” even more glorified the poet, he was read, listened to at large meetings of writers. In the collection “Unexpected Joy” included almost

all the poems from 1904 to 1906. Among them, the famous “Stranger,” the girl sang in the church choir, “” Autumn wave. “

The block, briefly, the magic power of the poetic word fascinated the readers. And his work “Autumn Wave” was worth it? With the incarnation of the theme of the Motherland was subsequently the goal of all his work. In the verses there were lines about love for the Motherland, about its salvation, about the fact that it is impossible to live without a homeland, it can not be tolerated in a foreign land. But pre-revolutionary years, made their own adjustments not only in Russian literature, but also in creativity

Blok, a brief biography can emphasize the emergence of a new word and a new genre, such as a theatrical action, which prompted the poet to create such famous dramas as “Stranger”, “The King in the Square”, “The Puppet Show”.

A trip to Italy, inspired the poet to write a whole cycle of Italian poetry, which were collected and published by a collection called “Italian Poems”, and “Carmen.”

In general, about the Blok, it can be briefly said that his poems were and will be subtle and lyrical, with the chanting of beauty and love. In 1921, Blok was struck by a disease, his condition was constantly deteriorating and on August 7 this year his heart could not stand it, stopped

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The summary of the drama of the Block “Puppet Show”