Relief and minerals of Africa

1. Write a description of the relief of the island of Madagascar.

In order to complete this task, you need to use the plan for describing the terrain. It is important not to confuse the plan for describing the terrain of the territory with a plan for describing the shape of the relief.

    What is the general nature of the surface? Than it can be explained? How are the relief forms located in the studied territory? What is the largest and predominant height?

In addition, you will need a physical map, which depicts the island of Madagascar.

2. On the contour map, identify the minerals and explain the reasons for their location.

With the nature of the relief is associated with the placement of minerals. In the plains there are usually sedimentary-type minerals, often of organic origin, and in the mountains – ore minerals of igneous origin.

3. What will happen to the African platform, if the processes of expansion occurring in the fault zone of East Africa will increase?

If the Great African Fault is expanding and deepening, it could lead in the very distant future to the division of the African Platform and the separation of the vast island from the mainland.

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Relief and minerals of Africa