Economy of Russia

1. What enterprises are located in your area, city? When did they arise? What kinds of products and what purpose do they produce?

An enterprise is an independent economic entity created in accordance with the procedure established by law. As a rule, this is a legal entity, that is, it owns separate property in the ownership, full economic management or operational management, is responsible for its obligations with this property and acts in its own name in court.

All enterprises produce products or services. The size of the enterprise can be different, starting with one employee. Table 1 provides information on the ten largest enterprises in Russia. Fill in a similar table for businesses in your area.

2. Try to classify the enterprises of your city, region: by industry, by sector. Which of these classifications seems more appropriate for you: for study; to identify problems: for forecasting the development of the economy?

It is proposed to determine the belonging

to the sectors and sectors of eight enterprises. You can fill out a similar table for businesses in your city or district. For example, for the ten largest enterprises in Moscow and the Moscow region, this table will look like this:

Labor resources largely depend on the demand and supply of jobs. Sometimes changes in the industrial orientation of the regions lead to tragedies. Thus, in the coal mining regions, the closure of unprofitable coal mines leaves a huge number of miners out of work and without pay. They are forced to retrain and seek another job or leave for other areas. The perestroika on employment, and consequently, on the level of specialists’ lives, was strongly reflected. The closure of a large number of scientific-production enterprises of the military-industrial complex made scientists and people of rare occupations look for a new job. The so-called “brain drain” began abroad.

3. Do the changes in the structure of the economy have an impact on labor resources? What do you think, what requirements are put forward to labor resources as the economy develops?

In the general case, as the economy develops, more and more skilled workers are required, who are fluent in modern technology and have a broad outlook. In most cases, many specialists in order to meet modern requirements, have to periodically improve their skills.

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Economy of Russia