Lakes, swamps and underground waters of Africa

Lakes. The basins of almost all large African lakes are of tectonic origin, that is, they are in faults, or deflections of the earth’s crust.

The largest in the area of ​​the lake of the African continent is Victoria. It is in the deflection of the platform, so it is relatively shallow. Tropical storms often cause storms on its surface. The shores of the lake are low, there are ebbs and tides, as on the shores of the oceans.

Most of the lakes are concentrated in East Africa in the zone of the East African fault. These lakes are stretched in a direction from north to south, have a long length, in comparison with the width, and quite large depths. The second largest in Africa and the deepest in the world, the Tanganyika Lake stretches along a tectonic fault for 650 km, and its width is 40-80 km. Mountains on the shores of the lake reach a height of 2000 m. In the lake live crocodiles, on the banks – hippos. Lake Nyasa depth of 706 m is as if the continuation

of Tanganyika. All the lakes in the east of Aphodak are waste and fresh.

In the deserts of the lake are relict, that is, those remaining from ancient large reservoirs. They are shallow. In the rainy season, their area increases sharply, and in the dry season decreases. The largest such lake is Chad, which turns during a drought into many small lakes. The water in Chad is slightly salty and has a drain into the groundwater.

Lakes of Africa, like rivers, serve people transport routes. They are full of fish, which are fed by local people.

The swamps of Africa are located in the most humid areas of the continent. Most of them are in the middle of the basin of the Congo and in the upper reaches of the White Nile.

In the northern and southern parts of Africa, there is an acute shortage of water resources. There people use mainly the Underground waters. Large reserves of groundwater are concentrated beneath the surface of the Sahara. In places where groundwater approaches close to the surface, there are oases of desert areas with vegetation.

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Lakes, swamps and underground waters of Africa