Questions and answers to the theme “Fantastic stories of Ray Bradbury”

Where does the action of the Bradbury story “All summer in one day” take place and how did this planet differ from the others?

The story takes place on the planet Venus. Rains are constantly raining here, and only once in seven years the sun appears for several hours. Children who were nine years old do not know what the sun is because they do not remember it.

What was the difference between the other children, the girl Margot?

Margot moved here from planet Earth and well remembered the sun – what it bright and warm. The girl was very weak, pale, it seemed that the rains washed away all the colors from her. She missed the sun very much and talked about him all the time. But the children did not believe Margo and disliked her for not being like everyone else.

What did the children do with Margot?

On that day, when the sun had to look out, the children locked Margo in the closet. They frolicked under the sun and, only when the sun

went down and again the rains came, they remembered Margo. But now the children knew that everything that Margot had said about the sun was true. And they felt ashamed.

What does this story teach Bradbury, from what warns?

The story teaches us to be tolerant, warns against cruelty, indifference, from the desire to poke over those who are weaker or somehow not like the others. The story evokes rejection of all cruelty, makes us think about the fact that all people are equal, even if someone is very different from others.

What does the ten-year-old boy Roby Morrison dream of, the hero of Bradbury’s “The Sand Man” story?

Roby Morrison dreams of a life in which there will be no bothersome people compelling him to obey a ridiculous rule invented by someone. He is placed on the Island with other ten-year-old children, who were considered geniuses. Everything was subject to strict order. The boy hated this insane, never broken order. The monotony of everyday life oppressed him, aroused hatred for teachers and classmates. Detached from his parents and friends, he looked enviously

at the sea: “Oh, if he could have been as free to come and go as the waves of the sea.” Once he met with the Sand Man – the character of a children’s fairy tale. In a conversation with Sand Man, the boy comes to the conclusion that many adult words really mean nothing. Robey dreams of returning to her mother. Events turn this way,

What does the author of this story tell us?

The fact that it is impossible to artificially tear off children from their parents, from the customary world and create a fictitious world. The story teaches a humane attitude to man, to his problems, teaches to respect the dignity of the Little Man.

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Questions and answers to the theme “Fantastic stories of Ray Bradbury”