Did Hamlet defeat evil?

Did Hamlet defeat evil? This question is difficult to answer unequivocally. On the one hand, we can say that he really won. But at what price was this victory given to him? He lost everything, including life. But could he live after the death of his mother, beloved? Hardly. He would be constantly tormented by remorse: in fact he had to do with the death of Ophelia and Gertrude. Therefore, victory for him was meaningless. Yes, he, of course, avenged his father, but is such revenge necessary?

On the other hand, Hamlet could not defeat evil. After all, the evil is ineradicable, and it was and always will be. I think that the tragedy of Hamlet final knew he would inevitably lose in the fight against evil, but to avoid this unequal combat is not thought possible.

The mountain that fell on Hamlet – the murder of his father, the grief over the unworthy behavior of his mother: “a cake has gone on a wedding table”, served as a jolt to cover the shroud from his “soul of the soul,” and made him look around. His eyes opened “the sea of ​​troubles” and the general fall of morals in the country-prison, where lie and hypocrisy rule.

Revenge for the death of his father was for him the main business of life. And, undoubtedly, he took revenge. He killed all the traitors and enemies, but what did he achieve?

It seems to me that Hamlet, rather, did not defeat evil, but he did not lose to him, but simply avenged the death of his father.

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Did Hamlet defeat evil?