Questions and answers to the novel by M. Twain “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”

Who is the narrator in the story? How can you explain this?

In the story about the adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the narrator is Huck himself. We remember that in the story “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” the narrator was the author, not the protagonist. The choice of the narrator Huck Finn gives the author the opportunity to more accurately and accurately acquaint the reader with the thoughts and feelings of this hero while traveling on the Mississippi.

What did the kings and nobles know about Huck and Jim? And what do you know, for example, about Louis XIV?

Huck read a lot to Jim “about different kings, dukes, counts and other important gentlemen, about how proud they all are and how they dress up and how they call each other -” your majesty, “” your lordship. “But when Jim asked Huck, what do the kings do, then he replied: “Kings do nothing – they are sitting and staring at each other.” He could

not say anything more about these great people.

Reference. Louis XIV – the French king from the Bourbon dynasty. Years of his life -1638-1715. He was king since 1643. It was the flowering of absolutism in France. He is credited with the expression: “The state is me”. Louis led numerous wars, during his reign there were many popular uprisings.

How can you explain to an illiterate person that there are many different languages ​​on earth? Did Huck succeeded? What mistakes did he make in the explanations?

Huck tried to explain to Jim that there are many people in the world and everyone has a different language. He even called for help ways to communicate animals. Jim agreed that “… every animal speaks its own language.” But I could not believe that a person could not understand another person and “do not speak in an honest human language.”

Huck, of course, in vain turned to the language of animals. But another way to explain the reason why so many languages, and did not find. And you do not need to reproach him: until scientists have found a convincing

and general answer to this question.

Reference. There are more than two and a half thousand languages ​​on the Earth. Languages ​​of international communication and international organizations are considered to be English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French – these are the official and working languages ​​of the United Nations.

Describe “a pleasant life on a raft.” What do you think made it so attractive?

Life on the raft, which led Huck and Jim, they liked primarily because they were free from any duties and all their activities were caused by the harsh necessity. And the time for their trip was the most pleasant: the warm summer days pleased travelers. They fished, lit fires, cooked their own food, swam and watched from the thick bushes and trees behind ships and rafts passing by.

How can you explain such a proposition Huck: “Sometimes the whole river was at our disposal”?

Huck was right, because sometimes they could not be very careful: Jim could always be caught as a runaway slave. Therefore, only at night, when everyone was asleep, they sailed slowly along the river, and at that time it could be considered that the whole river was at their disposal.

How did the meeting with the “strangers” take place? Did Huck and Jim realize immediately who was in front of them?

The meeting with the “strangers” occurred unexpectedly: they saw fugitives who begged to save their lives. Huck immediately said that they could escape the chase after walking a few steps along the water. Then the dogs and pursuers will not be able to guess that they have boarded the boat. The fugitives obeyed Huck, and soon all four were on a safe island.

Huck quite soon realized that they were swindlers. Yes, and the “strangers” immediately revealed themselves, talking about their adventures. They first decided to combine their efforts in some other fraud, but very soon the young rogue came up with a more profitable move.

Tell us how the bald rascal became king, and his companion – duke.

As soon as the young rascal began to say that he was a duke in exile, a bald old man called himself king. Huck and Jim “began to exalt him, to please him in every possible way and stood before him at length until he invited us to sit down.” But this irritated the Duke. However, the king urged him to cooperate, and reconciliation took place. What about Huck? “However, I soon realized that these liars were not dukes or kings at all, but simply burnt charlatans and scammers, but I did not say a word…” Jim never learned from Huck who they travel with.

Describe a meeting of friends – Huck and Tom. Try to prove that each of them behaves according to its own character.

The meeting of the two friends was unusual and joyful: Tom thought that Huck was dead. However, Heck quickly managed to convince Tom that he was not a spirit, but a living person. So from the first minute, Tom showed his commitment to all superstitions, and Huck – the speed of reaction and the frankness of decisions and explanations.

What plan did Tom come up with to hide Heck’s fiction?

Tom was always ready for fiction. But they were often unnecessarily complicated and confusing. So, when he came to Aunt Sally’s house, he first named himself William Thomson, then Sid. And instead of immediately calling himself, he first kissed Aunt Sally’s poor lips and frightened her with this, because she mistook him for an outsider.

How do you explain Tom’s escapade with Aunt Sally?

A trick with Aunt Sally convinces us that Tom does not know how to write simple jokes, and his fictions are always extremely intricate.

Describe the end of the epic two scammers.

Scammers – the king and the duke decided to introduce “Kameleopard”, and at first everything went well, but the farmers guessed about the deception, and on one of their own inventions the swindlers got caught. Huck and Tom saw how the locals dealt with them: they were smeared with tar and piled in feathers, so they lost the human image. In addition, they were put on poles and dragged along the road, trumpeting into horns, banging into tin pan, screaming and cursing.

Why was Tom hit? How do you explain the reason for this event?

Tom was wounded by his own fault. Excess of imagination led to this sad result. Knowing that Jim was released and there is a special document on this matter, which means that no one can and should not catch him, he decided to portray the “kidnapping” of a poor nigger. During this “kidnapping” he was wounded.

Try to reproduce and comment on Tom’s confession.

Tom told how he and Jake were preparing Jim’s escape, for this they wrote all sorts of letters, painted coffins and horrors on them, made a tunnel under the closet, filled the shed with rats, snakes and various vipers for the company of Jim… Told Tom how they then fled. Tom was proud and did not understand how many stupid things he had done and how he risked these fictions.

Finally, when he found out that Jim was again in prison, he gave out a “secret”: the old Miss Watson gave Jim a free will.

Write a story about the Negro Jim – his character, views, superstitions, about how his destiny developed.

In the “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” plays an important role Negro Jim – one of the most attractive characters in this book. He is illiterate, he has a difficult destiny. But all the hardships of life did not spoil his character. He is not only benevolent, but also intelligent, and hardworking. He has a sense of self-worth and humor. His observation is the observation of an intelligent child. Jim still did not understand that “strangers” are ordinary scammers, although Huck quickly caught it. Jim did not feel anger when it became clear the absurdity of Tom’s fictions about his release… He is very superstitious, no less superstitious and his friends are Tom and Huck.

Prepare a tiny scene about Aunt Sally’s meeting with Aunt Polly. You can just read it in person or write a performance. Actors Aunt Sally.
Aunt Polly.

The phenomenon of the first

Aunt Sally. Oh, my God, Polly! {He hugs and kisses his sister.)

Aunt Polly. Yes, you do well that you turn away, if I were you, I would be ashamed to look people in the eyes, Tom!

Aunt Sally. Oh my God! Has he changed so much? It’s not Tom, it’s Sid. Tom… Tom was here this minute. Where did he go?

Aunt Polly. You mean, probably, where did Huck Finn go? I hope I raised this scoundrel myself, Tom, so how can I not recognize him! Get out of bed, Huck Finn. “

So a tiny scene made it possible to understand the confusion that Tom Sawyer arranged.

Is it possible to consider the forty-second chapter as an outcome of events, or is it, in your opinion, an epilogue, an afterword? Try to prove your point.

The forty-second chapter can be considered a denouement of events. It is here that it becomes clear “who is who” and decide the fate of the heroes. Until then, Jim was sitting on bread and water, and Tom was sure that Jim was already wandering around like a free man. Before this chapter, Tom was Sid, Huck-Tom.

Prepare a story about one of your friends. Explain your choice. With the story you can use both novels.

Of two friends one likes Tom more, the other – Huck. We will read the stories of students who not only characterized friends, but also sought an answer to the question of whether it was worth having such comrades.

Tom Sawyer

The story of Tom Sawyer must begin with the way he lived with Aunt Polly and how poor the old lady had to endure his constant antics and fantasies. At the same time, we immediately understand that she loves this impatience and mischief more than the quiet and obedient Sid.

He is an inventor and a visionary, always the instigator of all sorts of tricks. However, although he himself takes up the matter, his comrades are always drawn into these tricks.

Let’s remember how he painted the fence. He figured out how to make his friends work for himself. Of course, the boys worked with pleasure, but he himself saved himself of this work.

Recall also how he came up with the idea of ​​”kidnapping” Jim, who had already been released from captivity. In order to be more interesting, he risked the life of the poor negro and his own.

With pleasure remembering the fictions of this hero, we still very, very much think about before making such a boy as his friend.

Huckleberry Finn

Huckleberry Finn – the son of a local drunkard, distinguished for his fierce temper, so Huck could well suffer and even die from the “worries” of his papa. He was a boy who could be a repetition of his father, if not for strong health, calm disposition, balanced nature and a natural mind. Distinguished him and a benevolent attitude to those who surrounded him.

Residents of the town in which he lived, noticed his dignity, and the widow Douglas even tried to take him upbringing and took great care of the boy. But with his good temper, he was not at all inclined to assiduous work in school and very quickly was again left to himself.

Description of his journey with Jim on the Mississippi – a story about another “Robinsonade”. The travelers had to hide. They sailed at night, and in the daytime they lived on islands, with which the river abounded, – they caught fish, cooked their food, secretly watched the ships and rafts passing by. They even sometimes thought that the whole river was at their disposal.

A long voyage ended when they got to Aunt Polly. The observation of this journey gives us the right to say that Huck was a very good and faithful companion.

Create a comparative description of Tom and Huck.

Characterizing each of the boys, we have already laid the foundation for their comparison. Let’s briefly describe their common and differing qualities.

Both boys are determined, they can not be called cowards. They are brave, clever and athletic. Boys are superstitious, and today such a belief in omens can seem ridiculous.

Tom is distinguished by a wild fantasy: he is not only always inclined to fantasize about anything, but often loses his sense of proportion. So, at the end of the second story, he nearly died himself and did not kill Jim, although for all that he did, there were no grounds.

Geka is distinguished by calmness and endurance. Quickly realizing that the “strangers” are ordinary crooks, he managed not only to hide it, but also not to give Jim a reason for unnecessary experiences.

One can reread any chapter in which both boys appear side by side to name and identify their common and different traits.

What qualities of Tom and Huck attract you? What surprises? Do these boys have qualities that you do not like? Why?

Of course, every reader is attracted in Tom and Gek, their courage and determination, their sporting skill, which gave them life on the river, their love of adventure and true friendship.

Many readers are amazed at Tom’s inefficiency in imagination and his inability to subordinate his own thoughts to the control of reason. Huck, perhaps, does not surprise the reader – he is simple, clear and reliable.

In Tom, some people are annoyed by the lack of sense of proportion, and in Geke – his excessive credulity and speed of response to Tom’s plans and plans. But such assessments do not arise at all, and each of these estimates has its own reason, which must be called the pupil himself.

The novels are named “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. What are the most important adventures in each of these stories? Find the episodes in the stories, which reveal the most interesting events. Compare them and decide what is the difference between them.

In the first story with Tom there are several terrible adventures. And among these adventures, the heart of the readers of the event in the underground catacombs, in the caves, which culminate in the death of the Indian Joe, and the events associated with the empty house are most likely to be beaten. These are the most terrible episodes.

The adventures that occur with friends in each of the stories are numerous. Since the second story you just read, it is worth recalling the most important events of this “Robinsonade”, which was committed on the Mississippi River. Some of them are in the textbook-reader, and you have already discussed them.

What is the difference between the two stories? The first seems more cheerful and lively. She also has her own character Becky Thatcher. And both heroes participate practically on par.

In the second story, Tom Sawyer plays a very small role. This story is sadder, and it contains more information about the complexities and difficulties that abounded the life of America in those years. Slavery, cruel attitude towards the Negroes and in general to people whose destiny is not arranged, here are drawn much more detailed. We see more clearly that Tom Sawyer is careless about the possible results of his inventions and improvisations, which more clearly conveys his character.

What events from the life of boys best give an idea of ​​the life of cities like St. Petersburg on the Mississippi?

Most accurately give an idea of ​​the life of small St. Petersburg on the Mississippi is not any specific episodes of the life of boys, but a description of all life – its course, the events that the author addressed. It must be remembered that both novels are largely autobiographical, and the author not only created works of art, but remembered with joy and sadness his childhood.

Why and why did St. Petersburg and Cairo appear in the stories? How did these small towns appear with such big names?

In America, there are many cities and towns that bear the names of major cities and even capitals of different countries. They were given by people who inhabited the expanses of a new continent and wanted to somehow connect life in these still undeveloped lands with those distant edges where they came from. That’s why so often on the map of the US are the names of the most diverse cities in the world.

The story “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” begins with a brief retelling of the story “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. Carefully re-read this passage and prepare to convey the story of the story “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”.

In the first chapter of the story “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” tells about the end of the book about the adventures of Tom Sawyer. Tom and Huck found money that the robbers buried in the cave. So friends got rich and, when this money was put in the bank, they began to make profit – on a dollar a day.

But the adventures of Huck did not stop. He began to get used to the life of the widow: he regularly went to school and even received encouragement for good studies. Soon the city appeared his father, who decided to take away Huck from the widow. He took his son to a homemade hut in the forest, in which they lived for a while. But father’s booze became more and more terrible, and Huck decided to escape, so much so that his fearsome father decided that his son was killed. A clever plan was implemented, and Huck began to live on an island near the city, and soon met Jim the Negro on the same island. Poor Jim fled because he found out that they wanted to sell him to the South, to slave-holding areas. Thus, the alleged lost Huck and the fleeing Jim began their journey through the Mississippi. Wanderers experienced many adventures – and on the islands, and on the river bank, and in a sunken house, and aboard a steamer that nearly drowned. It seemed, The adventure ended when the heroes met in the house of their own aunt Tom Polly. However, even here they were awaited by new tests.

How did the people who knew him understand Heck Finn’s actions?

Tom Sawyer, the Negro Jim and all the heroes who managed to meet Huck, highly appreciated the honesty and responsiveness of this teenager. But some adults were able to see in him and those qualities that prevented and further could prevent him at an older age. Huck did not like to learn. He was very fond of independence and did not know how to obey any order. He did not know how to resist the dishonest tricks of his random companions. So, two fraudsters, whom they rescued Jim, they exploited and were, of course, very unpleasant companions. Huck saw and understood all this, but he thought it best to pretend that everything was going as it should go.

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Questions and answers to the novel by M. Twain “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”