Protection of nature

About how to properly behave in the world around, in detail tells readers an instructive essay on the topic “Take care of nature.” If a child from the early childhood is accustomed to a respectful attitude to the plant and animal life, over the years he will only strengthen his convictions and call for correct behavior in the bosom of nature of every person.

People do not always understand that the world around them is very vulnerable and fragile. All the benefits of nature that we use are not infinite. It is necessary to treat carefully the extraction of minerals, gas and oil. The storerooms of the earth are constantly being devastated, not having time to replenish their reserves.

The role of man in nature is very great and important. We, as reasonable beings, must properly assess our needs and control our actions. After all, people, animals and flora will also live after us, needing clean air, drinking water and harvests of land.

To save life, you need

to take care of the environment. Do not pollute the air with exhaust fumes and harmful smoke from mega plants. Do not discharge waste water into water bodies that do not have treatment facilities. Do not cut down the forests that give us life-giving oxygen.

Since childhood, every child should know how to behave in the environment. You can not simply tear and throw flowers and grass, break bushes and branches of trees. You can not offend animals and birds. On the contrary, in the fierce, hungry winters, it is necessary to make troughs and fill them with crumbs of bread, cereal and grain. In the spring, it is useful to plant young trees and bushes so that they will bring benefit and delight the eye.

Our life on the planet Earth depends on the well-being of nature. If it is bad, then terrible cataclysms shake everything around. Hurricanes, tsunamis, powerful volcanic eruptions and devastating earthquakes bring many troubles to humans and animals. All remain without shelter, water and food. For a very long time it is necessary to establish the former comfortable life. But even at such moments, we do not always realize the importance of the relationship between man and nature.

Guys, take care of nature. Help the elderly take care of her and love her unselfishly, with all her heart.

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Protection of nature