Painting Fedotov “Picky Bride”

Picture Fedotova “Picky Bride” depicts a ridiculous scene of matchmaking. The action takes place in a luxurious room, the walls of which are decorated with paintings in gilded frames. The room is furnished with expensive carved furniture, there is also a cage with a large parrot. In the center of the picture is the most discriminating bride, who sits before the groom in a gorgeous glowing dress. She is not so young as before, these women in those days were considered to be old maidens. Her beauty has already withered, and she lives with her parents and was not married.

Before her on one knee stands the long-awaited bridegroom. He is not at all handsome, what a girl dreamed of in her youth. The groom is hunchbacked, ugly and already balding. He looks at the bride with a look full of anticipation. A man wants to hear the treasured phrase: “I agree!”. On the floor lies his cylinder, gloves and a cane.

The feeling that he ran to the bride, in a hurry,

threw his things on the floor and awaits the decision of the choosy bride. To the right of the groom is a small white dog, who, just as he waits, will give consent no longer a young woman. Comic situation adds, apparently, the parents of the bride, hiding behind the curtain and waiting for a response. They are already quite desperate to give the daughter in marriage, and now a potential groom has come, and parents hope for a positive response.

Everyone is waiting for the decision of the bride, because the fate of all present depends on her word. She is not young, all applicants for the hand and heart have long been married, and she was still waiting for that ideal, which never waited. Now she has no choice, will have to marry someone who makes an offer or for the rest of her life to remain an old maid. No matter how ugly the bridegroom is, the choosy bride can not choose from anybody else. Parents understand this and look forward to her response. The fate of the bride is predetermined, because due to her legibility she had no choice.

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Painting Fedotov “Picky Bride”