If the soul was born winged

MI Tsvetaeva is a poet of exceptionally vivid talent, even for the fruitful poetic era of the “silver age”. Raised in the family of the famous art professor IV Tsvetaeva, the girl received not only a very good education, but from an early age she discovered in herself an irresistible craving for creativity.

MI Tsvetaeva’s poetry is distinguished by its inner integrity and a special, unique, expressive stylistic manner. Whatever this talented daughter of the Russian muse wrote, she did so with such piercing sincerity, with such a truly unearthly power that it was obvious to everyone that she had talent from God.

MI Tsvetaeva realized her poetic talent so early that she felt that she was already born with him.

A small poem “If the soul was born winged.” It contains only six lines, but it expresses the whole mentality of Tsvetaeva’s lyrical heroine.

The first lines of the work emphasize the primacy of the theme of creativity

for her personality and destiny. The spiritual plane of existence is opposed to the material plane. Poetic consciousness solves this problem of choice unequivocally: no domestic problems do not frighten it. The poet exists only in the world of ideas, in an endless struggle for truth and justice.

The poem was written in 1918 for Russia this time of global historical upheavals: behind the shoulders of three revolutions, a bloody civil war.

Tsvetaeva laconically, but at the same time voluminously conveys the social opposition of that time:

Two twins – inextricably-fused:

Famine hungry – and satiety full!

Feeling the inner intransigence of these two images, at the same time Tsvetaeva sees their similarities, even calls them twins, for the armed protest of both is equally terrible and ruthless, cruel and wild for a subtle poetic worldview.

Poem “If the soul was born winged.” was born out of contradictions, inconsistencies. Famous Tsvetaeva dashes emphasize this fragmentation. Numerous exclamations reveal the vulnerable soul of the lyrical heroine. As much as

her winged poetic soul would like to hide from the terrible events that carry the evil of world events, in fact it is still impossible. In the exclamation “that Genghis Khan to her and what – the horde!” more pain than bravado.

The real world, dictating certain laws of life to man, comes into collision with the subtle world of the soul of the artistic warehouse. Tsvetaeva’s lyrical heroine does not just talk, she screams about it.

Poem “If the soul was born winged.” written by MI Tsvetaeva at a fairly young age. It, as it were, anticipates a series of trials, which later on fall to the lot of the poet.

M. Tsvetaeva believed that she would die at the dawn. The theme of the flight of the soul in her work is closely connected with the image of the bird in which this soul incarnates after death:

At the dawn – the slowest blood,

At the dawn – the most naive silence.

The spirit from the flesh of the stagnant takes divorce,

A bird cage bone gives a divorce

In the thirties, MI Tsvetaeva increasingly thinks about death. However, if in youth these thoughts were perceived as a natural life stage, now Tsvetaeva’s lyrics hear the rejection of life as such, the animal essence of which appeared before her in all the ugly essence.

In Bedlam, nonhumans

With the wolves of the squares, –

Her lyrical heroine exclaims.

The winged soul of the poet soared into the sky ahead of time, but the poetic creations of Marina Ivanovna – birds of high flight, samples of subtle artistic taste and extraordinary talent. The expressiveness of her works, when verse sometimes exists on the verge of crying and screaming, can not leave anyone indifferent, indifferent. Her work has generated a whole literary tradition, in the line of which beautiful poems by B. Akhmadulina, V. Dolina and other fine contemporary poetesses write.

A. Solzhenitsyn Matryon Yard. Question 2 Identify the main idea of ​​the work “Matrenin yard.” In which works of Russian literature rises n.

Creativity MI Tsvetaeva – a vivid example of original creative skill, consistent service to art. From an early age, she realized that she was a sudor.

The poetic form allows the poet to express feelings, experiences, inner world of a person. Love theme takes in the lyric of Marina Tsvetaeva an important month.

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If the soul was born winged