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The ideal image of a teacher of the future for a modern student is formed today. Today’s schoolchildren are future parents who will form an idea about the teacher in the next generation. Thus, society, as it were, is always late. What is the solution? Perhaps, it is necessary to start changing the existing stereotype in the society today? How? First, there must be qualitative changes in the education of the teacher. The emphasis in the education of the future teacher should shift towards psychological and pedagogical disciplines, it may be necessary to introduce such disciplines that would contribute to the development in the future of the teacher of his creative foundation.

This is the quality of the teacher, as one of the most important, says F. N. Gonoblin in his book “Essays on the Psychology of the Soviet Teacher”: “the subject of the teacher’s activity are living people with their most complex diverse and volatile psychological world.”

A teacher is a vocation, teaching is a service, not a job. Therefore, the teacher should work not for the sake of earnings, not for survival or subsistence, but for the performance of his mission on earth.

The ideal teacher is one for which teaching is the meaning of life. Its highest self-interest is to be in demand, to desire and be able to give oneself to the process, without expecting anything in return. This altruism in absolute terms…

Therefore, we omit in our discussions the need for a material base, which the state should care for, and hence the Ministry of Education, its lower divisions, including the department and director, as well as civil society, including sponsors and sponsors. The teacher’s business is to teach, and the business of society is to give the teacher worthy means of subsistence.

And we will not return to it any more. The ideal teacher is never the brightest.

He generally should not be bright, for he only transmits a message to the disciple through himself.

And the message is not only the sum of knowledge, but first of all the attitude to the world,

to people, to the country, to life in the collective. How can one not remember the image of the Teacher in the Strugatsky Brothers novel “Weighed down by evil”: “I remember how scared I was, I did not get a tooth on my tooth, I guess they feel like this before the execution.” None of the veins were calm in my body. A. hugged me by the shoulders and pressed me to him He was hot, reliable, hard and at the same time so small, so puny, so unprotected, and for the first time I found out that I had a whole head longer than him and twice as wide in shoulders “

For the school system, the ideal teacher is a person who can join a pedagogical team, will not conflict in it, will humbly fill out all the documents, participate in the necessary meetings, pass – again humbly – all refresher courses and other activities of higher authorities… Who in the class will not have high-profile incidents, and the children will gladly go to his lesson and go without stress after it… Ideally, this ideal teacher notices several students who can profoundly master s object and trains them to participate and good results in the Olympiads. After some years, this ideal teacher will receive the highest category, and will have the right to tell about his “unique technique”, about the developments… But it’s better not to go back to conflicts and not stick out. It is better to choose it than – it proves. In this situation, it would be better to tell the truth after all: this is not an ideal teacher, but a convenient one.

But conflict-free, problem-free is not the most important criterion of social utility. Convenience – yes. An ideal teacher can not be at all, it can be for a specific person.

A teacher is such a being that at the right moment gives an impetus to development, this is what awakens the sleeper to wakefulness, who makes him considerate, active, and alive. Why does the definition say “creature”? Because the warrior can learn from the crane and the pine, the snake and the cat… And, penetrating the essence, comprehending his “teacher”, the warrior, ie, a living person, not asleep, but awake, comprehending, acquires the necessary for life property.

The ideal teacher understands that he will not put his brain to the student and will not live his life for the student, and therefore the teacher’s valor is to make the pupil independent, responsible, stable to life’s trials (and adversity, glory, luck). This, and not the sum of knowledge, is the quintessence of the real teacher. The ability to transfer the sum of knowledge is a necessary, but insufficient, condition to be considered an ideal teacher.

The ideal teacher awakens the pupil in the child, and then he grows an interlocutor from him. Therefore, if the parent and teacher do not have the coordinates, the teacher involuntarily distances the child from family ideals. In this tragedy, both teachers and parents. In elementary school, the ideal teacher is your favorite teacher. In elementary school – especially when we started accepting children at six years old – the ideal teacher is a kind person, adoring children’s fuss and noise, who likes to mess with these children, and who will check in themselves what each child needs to love the school and master the knowledge to want to learn. After all, it is precisely such developed, capturing information and those wishing to master the world that children need in the middle classes of the school.

The goal of an elementary school teacher is to form a desire for the child to learn (and not to discourage him from this desire) and to give him the apparatus necessary for this (the ability to read, count, write).

Note – the ideal teacher’s priorities in the formation of the child go exactly in this sequence – first – the motivation, then – the means, the technical part. At the same time, the ideal teacher will always track when one or another level of motivation has already been formed, and we need to open new horizons for the child. However, the ideal teacher will do both. He will fall in love with students in his class. It will show the value of each child. He will show his interest and need, and therefore – develop the individual qualities of the student. What should be interesting to the teacher?

An ideal teacher is interested in the process. He is not concerned about the intermediate results. He is interested in the changes of the child, and the teacher is surprised and happy with these changes. The child trusts that he is really interesting to the teacher.

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Perfect teacher image