“Description of the nook of nature” composition

A person loves nature very much and can not live without it. This is not surprising, if you do not forget that the person himself is an integral part of nature. Accordingly, only being in nature, it can fully connect with it, exchange energy with it and feel a surge of energy. Each person has a place that he considers his favorite corner of nature. Of course, I am not an exception to this rule. I also have a certain natural place where I feel best, and where, in my opinion, nature shows itself in the best possible way.

Personally for me, my favorite corner of nature is a small garden next to my house. I managed to fall in love with this kindergarten as a child. The matter is that already from an early age I started to go out on the street next to my house, walk a bit, get acquainted with the surroundings. Once, in this way, I found myself in this garden. And it’s worth noting that I really liked it there. There you can both walk and just sit, because there are shops. Nature

there is embodied in the presence of a variety of plants and trees. There you can sit quietly and watch them.

But this natural corner became for me the most beloved, not only for this reason. Another weighty reason for this is that it has a lot of extremely pleasant memories. I met some of my friends in it, spent a lot of interesting and exciting hours together with them there. In this regard, I fell in love with this amazing natural corner even more than ever before. I want to believe that I will have the opportunity to visit as much as possible in these places throughout my life. At the same time, one can not exclude the fact that one day I will leave my native city. I think that in this case I will be able to find another natural place in the place where I have to live. I’m already used to nature, for this reason I’m unlikely to ever be able to give up walks and other kinds of nature visits.

It is necessary to remember that every natural corner that surrounds us is the result of someone’s work. For example, someone has taken the time to build a garden, plant trees, set up benches, etc. And this is the result of the work of these people. For this reason, all of us should give due credit to the work of other people, treat all this with great respect and honor. In addition, it is necessary to make own efforts for the arrangement of such natural corners.

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“Description of the nook of nature” composition