The work “Man is the king of nature”

“Man – the king of nature…” Animated movie with this name was remembered after reading the text I proposed to me. Like the scriptwriter of the cartoon, the author of the article discusses the important ecological issue of the relationship between man and nature.

Unfortunately, this problem did not appear today. In ancient times, people hunted animals, cut down forests to build houses, built bonfires – all this, of course, was harmful to the environment. Centuries have passed, but, unfortunately, little has changed, and proves this existence of the World action “Hour of the Earth”. The goal of the project is to encourage each one of us to think about the future of the planet.

Analyzing this problem, the author of the text, I. Smolnikov, refers to the example of the harmful effects of hydroelectric power plants on the ecology of the great Russian river Volga. If we talk about the structure of the text, the publicist divided it into

two parts. On the one hand, the argument about the benefits that HPS has brought to our people: cheap electricity, the construction of missiles, the mastery of the atom, and on the other – a description of the consequences of human intervention in nature.

The position of the publicist is ambiguous. He is certainly proud of the country’s successes, scientists who managed to master natural resources, but, nevertheless, the author does not hide his regret at the consequences of our interference in nature. From his point of view, everything that happens with the river can be called a catastrophe: stagnant flowering, half-dead water, poisoned fish. “May there be such a norm?”, “What will happen next?” – With the help of these questions, the publicist calls on readers to think about the ecology of the Volga and about the role that each of us will play in the fate of the river.

Of course, I agree with the opinion of the author. Everything described in this work (Volzhskaya HPP, Cheboksarskaya HPP, Lada) directly surrounds me. And so I clearly see how it loses its beauty

and attractiveness of the Volga, as, according to the governor of the Samara region, N. Merkushkin, dangerous for a person is even being in the river water.

The problem of the relationship between man and nature excited many famous artists, but to illustrate my position, I want to turn to the journalistic work “Letters of the Good and the Beautiful.” The author of this work, academician

DS Likhachev, is convinced of the existence of two great cultures: the culture of nature and man. Equilibrium is the main thing that should be maintained between them. Reading this letter, I understand that the harmony between people and the world around us depends on us, because nature can exist without man, and man can not.

No less vividly about the problem of the interconnection between people and the natural world was discussed by the great Russian writer A. Kuprin in the novel “Olesya”. The main character lives in harmony with nature, and she helps the girl in every possible way. Remember how toughly, aggressively, the thunderstorms responded to the pain caused to the residents of the town by Oles? It seemed to me that the element was on the side of the heroine, nature protected the heroine from the injustice of society.

Arguing about the relationship between man and nature, you come to an understanding of that. how closely our destinies are connected.

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The work “Man is the king of nature”