“The relationship between people” composition

People have always striven for beauty. This involved not only the material aspects of life, for example, a beautiful home, vehicles or ornaments, but also aspects of relations between people. It is unlikely that there is such a person in the world who never wanted to help someone who needs help, free of charge from a pure spiritual impulse. Of course, all people are such, the main reason is that the person was created by God.

Literature brings us a huge number of examples of amazing actions of people. Of course, it describes not only this, but also evil intentions and actions, harm caused by one person to another and much the like and bad. At the same time, I think the most valuable in all books are examples of how one person helps another, how she demonstrates her kindness, honesty, justice and other beautiful human qualities. I think that such examples should be remembered first of all when reading books. Most often, it happens – people remember from books exactly the

noble deeds of the heroes of works, because these actions are very beautiful.

As a good example of beautiful and pure relationships between people, one can cite the relationship between the heroes of the work “The Last Leaf” by O. Henry. In this his work the author told about the artists’ life together in their own quarter, in which a terrible epidemic of pneumonia had just erupted. The heroine of the work in the name of Jones was seriously ill, but only the belief in survival and recovery could help her survive. Jones’s strength was at the limit, she thought she would soon die. She determined for herself that death would come when the last leaf fell from the tree that was behind her window. But the leaf still did not fall, which gave confidence that it should survive, and she went on to recover. As it turned out, the matter here was not in a miracle, but in the high deed of her neighbor Berman, who was able to draw a leaf on the tree that gave Jones faith. Unfortunately, Berman himself died, but his pure deed certainly remained in the memory of others for a very long time.

If a person

feels that she lacks spirituality, confidence in her high appointment, she simply has to read many correct books. Through reading, each person is enriched by obtaining examples of high and pure deeds. By doing such actions, such pure and noble actions, you can always be sure that from the side they look extremely beautiful

It is enough to look around to see a lot of people who live and act in life according to their instant emotional impulses. They do not think about the future, about the consequences of their actions, about what will happen to them and about whether they will have to answer for their not very sincere and correct actions. Modern society is liberal and democratic, but at the same time it is extremely indifferent. It is recognized that a person has many rights, but all responsibility for the mistakes committed in the future also falls on the shoulders of the one who committed them.

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“The relationship between people” composition