Painting by Plastov “Sanya Malikov”

The painting of Plastov “Sanya Malikov” is a reflection of a heavy post-war childhood and a symbol of human suffering. Traditionally, both people and animals take care of their offspring, put all their strength and soul into it. Man as a higher being understands that the future of all people will depend on the correct education of children. And in the picture we see a boy whose fate leaves much to be desired.

Sanya Malikov is a typical image of a teenager of those years when all people fought for survival. The most important for most people was basic survival, not upbringing. They could not afford to spend time developing children, talking. For this reason, the children did not see tenderness, affection and grew prickly, distrustful.

Constant malnutrition made such children emaciated, weak. They often ached and suffered more from various infections. And the only close beings for them were not their parents or relatives, but their pets. Only them, children and adolescents could trust all their secrets and anxieties, because adults did not have enough time for this.

The picture attracted me with its truthfulness and tragedy. Immediately it becomes clear how much this boy went through – and it is not yet clear how his future life developed.

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Painting by Plastov “Sanya Malikov”