Composition on the picture of God “Nurse”

Mikhail Mikhailovich known as a master of portraiture, whose means he tries to reveal the inner world of man, to emphasize the wealth and significance of this world. One of his paintings God dedicated to a humble, but very necessary profession. The picture is called “Nurse”. The artist wrote his heroine with great sympathy and warmth. With the help of light, her face was emphasized in a special way. A beautiful girl can not be called, but she is pretty and attractive. The face is large, with a sharp, but soft chin. The mouth is clearly and beautifully outlined, the mouth is bright red, barely swollen. The nose is large, wide down, but it does not distort the face. Above the dark eyebrows a high, clean forehead, trimmed with soft, chestnut-colored hair, which slightly curls.

But the most important thing is the girl’s eyes. Large, brown, widely set, they provide the person with inspiration, meekness. These eyes are called radiant. They shine with good, they feel an inner strength and some hidden sadness. Probably, it is not easy for a nurse to meet human grief every day.

The feeling of meekness and purity is enhanced by a white robe. It’s not just professional performance. The dressing gown is unusual and tasteful. His soft folds, especially on the wide sleeves, seized by cuffs, emphasize the femininity of the whole figure.

The girl is standing, as if thinking about something. Maybe, how best to help a seriously ill person. Or maybe this is the end of the change, but the sister is still mentally with those who are now in poor health.

Beautiful, good nurse. She, probably, loves very much.

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Composition on the picture of God “Nurse”