Who is an intelligent person?

If you ask respondents to answer this question, then there is a high probability that there will not be a single opinion – opinions will disperse. Part of people will put at the forefront such characteristics of the intellectual as erudition and education in the broadest sense of the word. And, here, in the opinion of the others, it is possible to recognize as an intelligent person such a person who will be invariably reserved and accurate in words in the presence of women, that is, will always be polite.

The answer of both will be true at the same time incorrect. The point is that the term “intelligent person” includes the above definitions. In detail, what is an “intelligent person” in the article named “A person should be intelligent” scientist DS Likhachev.

From the point of view of Likhachev, any person, regardless of origin, level of education, can be intelligent. This quality is either in the person or not, and it is inoculated

from birth by relatives and friends who have an impact on the child. Therefore even an ordinary worker can grow an intellectual. This property of the individual does not equal the amount of knowledge acquired, but is associated with the thirst for their knowledge.

An intelligent person is characterized by sensitivity to others, endless tact and patience when communicating with others in any situation. Of course, such a person will never use abusive words, perform actions that can disrupt harmony with others. Fanaticism in any form contradicts intelligence.

Of course, you can not break your head, but simply turn to the encyclopaedic dictionary, which calls the intelligent man, who takes his time by mental labor. Conclusion, who such an intelligent person, you have to do on your own.

Why should a person be intelligent?

In the event that you start from the definition of the intellectual that is fixed in the dictionary, it is not necessary for everyone to strive to become such, because not every profession requires higher education. You can do without it. But everyone wants to be treated well.

To do this, we ourselves must behave this way with other people, this is what is said in the article of Academician Likhachev.

An intelligent person who takes into account the position of the interlocutor attracts more people to him than the one who does not want to understand the opponent, but only zealously defends his point of view.

How to become an intelligent person?

Naturally, this is possible at any age. Some were lucky – they were educated in their parents since birth, and others will have to work on themselves. Of course, it is advisable to get acquainted with the samples of Russian and foreign classical literature in order to gain a unique style that can later be applied in your own vocabulary. But not only this is required to be called an intelligent person.

In the first place, the moral qualities of a person: his ability to build relationships with people close to him and distant to him, his ability to be cautious and attentive to everything that he comes into contact with in life.

Let all these words seem like a preaching message to some people, but the world holds, including on priceless examples of culture and art, that could not have been created without the moral moral qualities of their creators. And their bright works color our gray routine even today.

Some may argue that now brave and selfish people are successful, but everyone decides for himself.

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Who is an intelligent person?