Painting Finogenova “Skating rink for beginners”

Painting Finogenova “Skating rink for beginners”

Picture M. Finogenova “Skating rink for beginners” refers to the genre paintings. It depicts in the artistic form the scene of everyday life of people and the reality surrounding them.

We see a modern city with high-rise buildings. The action takes place in winter. Everything is covered with snow. Bare trees stick out dark branches from the snow canvas. The artist uses white – blue, blue colors, emphasizing cold and frost.

In the center of the new microdistrict there is a skating rink for beginners. Slippery ice is not very fond of those who have just started. For beginners to be more comfortable, the rink is fenced with handrails. You can take care of them so as not to fall.

In the near right corner of the rink is a coach. The girl stands with her head held high and watches the inexperienced athletes, probably giving them some recommendations.

Several young people are trying to make their first moves with their feet in skates on unfriendly ice. They do not even get to stand on their feet, and for a slight smooth glide can not yet be a question. Only one girl feels on skates a bit more confident than the others, so she tries to help the guy who nearly fell. Two more guys try to tear themselves away from the railing, but their legs are moving away. In the background of the picture there is a skating rink for the masters. On the edge is a more experienced skater.

The whole picture is written in cold tones of colors, which emphasize the cold winter weather and the coldness of the rink for beginners.

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Painting Finogenova “Skating rink for beginners”