Painting by Serov “Portrait of Princess Yusupova”

Many painters turned and addressed in their work to the theme of portraits.
I think that this is quite difficult, because on the canvas with the help of a brush, paints and artistic means, it is necessary to maximally open the whole image, to bring it to the viewer with incredible accuracy.
Valentin Serov, this task was a success.

In the painting “Portrait of Princess Yusupova” we can admire a young woman sitting on a very beautiful, richly embroidered satin sofa with wooden inserts.
The main heroine of the picture is Zinaida Nikolayevna Yusupova – from a very famous aristocratic family.
Good taste and beautiful upbringing are felt in every detail: both in the interior, matched with taste, and in her manner to keep, in a smile.
Only the color of the heroine’s hair resembling graphite can give her age.
The ladies of the upper world were often portrayed in pictures with their favorite pets and our heroine is no exception.
Next to it we see a snow-white thoroughbred dog.

Yusupova’s view radiates calmness and tranquility.
Her beauty is not limited only to appearance.
The soul of the heroine is no less beautiful.
At the same time, her smile seemed a little unnatural.
It can be seen that she poses for the artist somewhat compulsively.

Yusupova’s belonging to the elite is reflected not only in her appearance, luxurious satin gown or neatly laid hair.
The whole picture of Serov is full of nobility, restraint.
The author used pastel shades of various shades in his work.
We can admire the pearly snow-white color, silvery-gray, golden-cream.
The author used dark colors in the least.
The picture leaves a very pleasant impression, including, due to the correctly chosen color scheme and details of the interior, depicted very realistically and talented.

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Painting by Serov “Portrait of Princess Yusupova”