Biography of Robert Bligh

Biography of Robert Bligh

Robert Bligh – American writer, translator, editor and publisher, was born in Madison, Minnesota.

He graduated from Harvard University in 1950.

His poems, personal and very observant, tell of American landscapes. Among his collections of poetry are “Light around the body,” “Sleepers Joining Hands,” “The Man in the Black Coat Turns,” and “Favorite woman in two worlds.”

As the head of the press in the sixties, he published non-traditional poems and translations of not very well-known foreign poets. In the biography of Robert Bligh since the early 1980s, the writer began to actively participate in the men’s movement, interested in creating a new idea of ​​masculinity in modern society.

In his best-selling work “Iron John,” Bligh noted various transitions from adolescence to maturity of men, as well as encouraging men to study their relationship with fathers, and to explore their primordial masculinity.

In the work “The Sibling Society” Bligh argues that adults of the same age behave like eternal adolescents because of the lack of proper authority and influence of parents. In the work “The Maiden King”, written with Marion Woodman, Bligh uses the Russian myth to study the development of masculinity-femininity in a man.

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Biography of Robert Bligh