Painting by Repin “What space”

Sensation of audacity, youth, faith in life penetrate the canvas “What a spacious space” written in “Penates”.

The girl and the student found a tide on the shore, which turned into a squall, and they gaily choose from the waves. The girl laughs, holding a hat from a strong wind, and the student, having opened an overcoat and having opened a wind to a breast, tells her something remarkable. Maybe he reads poetry?

This picture, written in 1903, – one of the highest achievements of world lyrical painting – for a long time did not accept criticism. Here is what the old Repin is doing: he depicts scenes of young dates! Another person could see a light lining of an open student’s greatcoat-ah, yes it’s a white-collar worker (which in the language of that time meant “rich,” “indifferent to politics,” “student-barich”).

No, Repin’s plot is not in itself a date for a young couple. Feeling of will, open element, joyful victory over fear is transferred by the master. As in the song: “There will be a storm, we will argue and we will fight against it.” The happiness of the struggle, Ilya Efimovich expressed his hope for defeating. And when! In 1903 – on the eve of the first Russian revolution. Stormy whirlwinds already roared over Russia.

Trust in life, for joy and the peace of nature, Repin wrote in the picture, whose story flashed to him once from the height of the Kuokkala sand dunes.

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Painting by Repin “What space”